And so it begins…

We have an announcement to make! We are officially launching a Victory Life Church blog!

This is a venture we have discussed for quite some time and now it is coming to fruition. As a team, we are very excited to get this rolling. This inaugural post will serve as a launchpad for what we believe is the start of something awesome.

Why a blog?

Here at Victory, we have a legacy of generosity. It is one of our core values. Pastor Duane has given away millions of free teachings since the inception of this ministry and this blog is simply another method to share God’s Word with others.

Currently our online presence—especially on social media—is focused on just sharing information. It’s important to make sure everyone is well-informed about events and various activities going on around the church. However, we really want to do more than just be informative. We want to inspire. This blog is an opportunity for us to share stories and writings that spark something in you. Our church mission is to Build Healthy Churches that are Growing people in Christ. Our hope is that this blog does exactly that — help people grow in Christ.

We also want to engage our readers in dialogue. Blogs are a great way to begin meaningful conversations. The comment fields under each blog post exist for you to actively participate in the conversation! Ask questions. Post your thoughts. Share the posts around your favorite social media sites. We value your feedback! Your feedback will help us to continually improve.

So here’s the plan. 

In the foreseeable future, we are committing to releasing a new blog post each Friday at 10 a.m. This is a large undertaking. The people who are writing these posts are doing so in their spare time (which those of you who are involved in ministry know, is very limited). You can expect to hear from many different leaders within the church, male and female, young and old. We believe the Holy Spirit can and will use these blogs to inspire growth in those willing to receive. We are starting a small—skeleton crew so to speak—core team who have agreed to write. We expect this team to grow and for many more to step up and contribute. As we grow, the frequency and variety of posts will increase. As feedback is received from readers, improvements will be made.

We are thrilled about this new adventure and how God will bless this endeavor in the future. Be sure to check back tomorrow morning for a great post from Pastor Jacob Sheriff!

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      Monica Pearce

      I am VERY excited to get started on your blog…..I LOVE Victory Life, but I live in Mesquite, Tx and can’t make the drive as often as I would like so I’m definitely going to be an avid follower!! God Bless all of you and thank you for the blog!! ❤️

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    Very excited about this! I live in Elizabethtown, PA but listen to Pastor Duane’s sermons all the time. So much good teaching coming out of your ministry – looking forward to having another way to share it. After you get a blog up and running, if you guys are looking for another project, how about a satellite church in south central PA!!! We sure could use you up here in the Bible belt of PA…lots of religion, but the Holy Spirit seems to have left the building.

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    Paul Elliott

    For those of us that live far away any opportunity to connect is a blessing.
    Thank you church for reaching out.

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