Anticipating Jubilee

Since I was a child, I can remember being overwhelmed with excitement for the month of July. Not just because of my birthday, but because of Jubilee! I have experienced every element of Jubilee while growing up in Victory Life Church. There was Kids Jubilee, Teen Jubilee, and as an adult “The Jubilee.” I’ve always loved this event and getting as involved as I possibly could. Now as an adult, I’ve learned how to deal with that anticipation by preparing my heart ahead of time. This is the most important factor for preparing for it.

Another word for anticipation is expectation. So for me as a millennial, I decided to Google this. What I found was awesome! Expectation literally means a strong belief that something will happen. For years, I would just show up to Jubilee excited without any expectation. It’s not that something amazing wouldn’t happen, it’s that I didn’t come with my heart prepared, expecting nothing. These past few years I have learned the importance of expecting something from Jubilee. I’ve changed the mindset of attending Jubilee, to Jubilee being a place where my expectations will be met by God. 

John 16:24 says “Until now you have asked nothing in my name. Ask, and you will receive, that your joy may be full.” We serve a God who doesn’t just meet our expectations but goes above and beyond them. If we have no expectations then we are putting limits to what God can do in our lives. Our desire as Christians should shift from attending an awesome event to anticipating the supernatural as normal in our lives.


To make myself clear, I’m not talking about expectation rooted in greed, or pride. I’m talking about an expectation for God to do a work in you. When you come to Jubilee this year, come with anticipation for God to change you. I struggled with this for a long time. I would have thoughts like “Why do I need to change? What’s in that for me?” I didn’t grasp this concept in 2 Corinthians 3:18 which tells us that we are to be changed into the image of Christ, going from Glory to Glory. This scripture informs us that self-change is a good thing! Becoming more and more like Christ is what we are called to do. 

Knowing that, I don’t want to just be excited about Jubilee. I want to come with my heart prepared expecting God to do awesome things. The purpose of Jubilee itself is to reflect on where we are as a church, with prepared hearts seeking the Lord on what He has for us next. As we’ve seen over the past several years, Jubilee is always followed by one thing, change. Not change for change sake but changing into a better representation of Christ’s body. 

So this year for Jubilee come anticipating God to do something amazing in your life. Come expecting Him to great things, and come with your heart prepared for change!

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    Darin Shupert

    A few weeks ago, Pastor Duane said that since He doesn’t change is why we have to change. I love how the messages from VL always mesh together. Nowhere is this more true than at Jubilee! Thanks Tyler.

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