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The week of Jubilee is all of these things and more for our church. I have had the privilege of attending Jubilee for over 20 years, and each year it is new and exciting.The excitement draws people in to attend Jubilee, and rightly so. While the atmosphere of Jubilee can be different for everyone, there is one current that remains the same: the expectation of the Lord’s presence. There is something special about experiencing the Lord’s presence as a part of a body of believers.  

I remember a Jubilee several years ago in Durant when I stayed late to worship longer one evening, and Pastor Duane got up on stage and began to minister to the people with a word of encouragement. During this time, I heard the Lord say “You are a Gideon” and as I began to pray and meditate over the Word I felt the question arise: “Are you following Christ and His Will for your life or your own?” As I began to ponder, I realized that God had placed a dream in my heart of going overseas for a short time to study, and I had not listened. I applied and was overseas within the calendar year. This placed me in a position to develop a personal reliance on God, and not overly depend on my amazing church or family. The experience allowed me to develop more self-assurance to serve those around me, and lead others closer to Christ. It is amazing what a moment at Jubilee can do.

Jubilee is about taking a moment to thank the Lord for HIS goodness in our lives, and to seek further direction. A time for all to lay down their work, passions, thoughts, and ideas and ask the Lord “What should I pick back up?” People who attend Jubilee are sacrificing their time, their families, and their work to focus on the Lord and seek HIS ways, and because of this–transformations happen. Healings happen. Dreams and visions are imparted. The Lord answers the call of His people. (I know that sounds clichè but it’s true.)

As the second year for all churches to come together at the Event Center approaches–the anticipation this year is more abundant than it has been in my experience. There is something amazing about ALL the churches acting as ONE to come together to thank the Lord, and seek His face. Everyone is welcome with open arms, and the people look forward to the time of fellowship, worship, and the Word. Come as you are, but come with expectation, and come ready to praise!

I look forward to seeing everyone at Jubilee, and I am praying for prayers to be answered, and His will to be done. We are blessed to BE a blessing!


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    OKOYE Emmanuel

    I took time to read this and indeed its awesome.I follow up from here and download the teachings too. I live the hand of God upon this Church

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