I had a rare opportunity to visit with my mom recently. It isn’t often these days that we have conversations that aren’t either about my children or literally interrupted by my children. It was a nice treat and it was good for my soul. She loved on me and reminded me of some things that I needed to hear. I left that conversation refreshed and recharged.

I just recently released my “baby” girl to pre-k, and I’m working on a second birthday party for my son. Time passes so quickly. As I sat here today and prayed for my children, it hit me where my thoughts went. I wasn’t reflecting on the yucky emotions or attitudes we are working through, nor was I thinking about the behaviors I have recently had to correct. I was meditating on their gifting and their purpose.

As a parent, I see the beauty in my children. I purpose in my heart to not define them by a mistake or a choice, but I strive to remind them daily of their identity. As their mother, it is my job to love them well and teach them how to make healthy decisions. God began to download in my own heart the same identity in how I view myself. It is so easy to see ourselves as the bad choices and decisions we make. It is easy to see the lack in what we expect out of ourselves and then beat ourselves up because we didn’t achieve what we thought we should. It is vicious, and that thought life is deadly.

Today was a reminder of the beauty in myself, and it took the love my mom has for me to remind me of that. Just as easy as it is for me to see the purpose and anointing in my children, she sees that in me. If I have learned anything from being her daughter, it is that no matter what I do or do not do, that doesn’t change her love. That brings so much freedom when we look at our own lives. We do not have to be controlled by our thoughts nor do we have to be in bondage because of them. I just wanted to encourage someone who might be afraid, angry, or alone; you have a Father that looks at you with love. He doesn’t see the junk you feel stuck in; He sees your purpose. He sees your heart. He looks at you with love, and when we experience that love, it is enough. His love makes us enough.

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