Serve Day 2019

Serve Day is a time where Victory Life Church unifies to go out and be a light in our communities. We donate our time and resources to do things like improve parks, serve the elderly and first responders, and anything else the Lord puts on our hearts to do. Please view the video below to see what all was accomplished last year, and then pray on it and make a decision on how you can be a part of this year’s Serve Day!

Serve Day Opportunities

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to prepare?

Pray First!

To get your SERVE Day heading in the right direction, begin by covering it in prayer.

  • Begin by praying over your city and areas where SERVE Day will take place across each Victory Life Church campus. We want to win the war in the spiritual first.

Specific Areas for Prayer

  • Participants: Protection over those serving
  • Recipients: Who to Serve and for their hearts to be opened to receive
  • Planning: Team & Process
  • Projects: Scope & Locations
  • Partners: Ministries & Vendors
What time should I arrive?
During the registration process, each event will have an event time as well as a registration time stated. It is important to show up for the registration process as you will pick up your t shirt as well as the supplies you need for the event. We also want to come together as a team and pray out before we begin our SERVE project.
When will I get my SERVE t-shirt?
You will pick up your t shirt during the registration process. Our desire is for you to wear it with your team during the SERVE event. This creates a unity among the team serving and also identifies who we are to the people we are serving as well as to our communities.
Who pays the costs associated with the SERVE project (supplies, etc.)?
Each campus will ensure you have the supplies to get the job done as well as to ensure safety for all those serving. Supplies will be distributed during the registration process.
What should I bring on SERVE day?
We encourage you to bring any personal items you may need, like sunscreen, water bottles, tennis shoes, a hat, etc. For projects requiring physical labor, work clothes are a good idea. We recommend not wearing jewelry.
What if it rains?
If you have an outside project, show up to your SERVE location. The leader will have an inclement weather option in mind.
Serve Day 2019