Expecting Breakthrough

We sat down with Howard and Liza West and asked them what they were expecting from this year’s Jubilee. Howard is in red, and Liza is in blue.
You go first.
No, you go first.
No, you go first.

Last year was probably my best year because we hadn’t been going to Victory Life for very long. It was the first year I was able to attend every session, and I enjoyed every night of it so much. I can’t wait for this year, and I know it’s going to be even better. I remember loving Jack Taylor and John Donnelly. Knowing that Jack Taylor is going to be back is really exciting. In fact, we loved Jack Taylor so much that we looked up every message we could find from him.

I feel Like God is moving us at a quick pace. You could say that he has us on a fast track. He’s not only moving us personally but also the whole church body. This year I’m expecting more miracles than last year. In fact, I believe that there is going to be nightly miracles.

I think that there’s going to a breakthrough for many individuals. I believe that people are going to start to walk in the gifts and callings in their lives. That people will be free from fear. I enjoy not only seeing our locations come together but having people from all walks of life be a part of what God is doing.

How can you not be excited about the one time a year when we go from one church, many locations to one church, one place! We get to see the whole family all together in one place. It’s like a family reunion!

I remember last year we looked at each other and knew our lives were forever changed. Howard started the men’s group, and I’m growing in my ministry. Last year’s Jubilee moved us forward, and we believe that it’s going to happen again this year for everyone who desires that.

Everyone who comes seeking is going to find.


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