Finding Purpose in 25 Years of Ministry

As you may or may not know, I recently celebrated a significant landmark. This year marks 25 years working for Victory Life Church. Our pastor’s latest series, On Purpose, seemed to be so timely, lining up with this personal milestone. We all have a purpose; we are all created with that purpose in mind. As we seek God, He will show us our purpose and give us direction and guidance on how to walk in that purpose. We are all created for a purpose – it’s “why” we were created and live our lives the way we do. Our “why” gives us a reason for our “what”“what” we do for a living and put our time toward. I saw a video online recently where the person in the video made this statement:

“When you know your “why,” your “what” has more impact because you’re walking in or towards your purpose.”

I think that ties into the current series on purpose. If I didn’t know my “why,” I might have been discouraged or even given up on God’s purpose for my life. But because God had shown me my “why,” that motivated me to press toward God’s purpose for my life. And that helped me NOT to be discouraged or give up.

Our Creator puts special gifts within all of us, innate abilities to do certain things. He has placed those gifts in our lives to help us fulfill our purpose and cause us to prosper in the calling where He sends us and calls us to serve. Our pastor stated in one of his recent messages that work is a part of God’s plan for us. Work is also an act of worship, and it’s God’s image in us. God worked during creation, and that is mirrored in the work that we do. The Kingdom of God started growing in us when we were born again, and it grows in us as we use those gifts for His glory to promote the Kingdom.

If you aren’t sure about your purpose, all you have to do is ask Him to show you! The Word says that if we ask in faith, believing, He WILL answer us. I encourage you today to ASK and believe – and He will set you on YOUR path to fulfill the purpose and plan He has for your life. Just ask!

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  1. Lynn Tomlinson

    Lynn Tomlinson

    Thank you Cindy for serving the body of Christ and thank for sharing your heart! Awesome blog!!

  2. Avatar

    Gerald and Rita

    Our Pupose in life will always be “POWERFUL/POSITIVE /SIMPLE /AND SERVING”…you are the post card for living a life on purpose…Congratulations on the milestone✝

  3. Avatar

    Kathy Bell

    Thank you for those beautiful words! If you haven’t had a chance to spend time with Cindy, she is the most beautiful women of God I know inside and out! Love you my dear friend!

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