“Go Daddy, Go!”

This Christmas, my almost two-year-old was completely spoiled by the number of gifts she received. When I say she received a lot, I mean a ton! Of course, they all couldn’t just be simple toys that just needed to be removed from the box and have batteries added. No. They had to be huge gifts that took hours upon hours to assemble. From a play kitchen set to a trampoline, I assembled it all. It probably took me longer than most dads to put everything together, but in my defense, instructions and I have never really seen eye to eye.

As I am constructing her new trampoline, my daughter is eagerly trying to help. She is grabbing pieces I need and running off with them. Looking back, I am pretty sure she was placing those pieces somewhere important like the middle of the hall floor for everyone to step on. I would tell her to wait patiently, but of course, like any other child, she was ready to go. As I am working on this gigantic toy, my daughter runs to me and with a big smile on her face, excited as could be, and says “Go Daddy, Go!” Talk about the cutest thing ever. Any frustration I was feeling after working on the trampoline was gone and the effort became totally worth it. My daughter made my day. And then some.

Every moment in life is an opportunity to worship the Father. Regardless of the circumstance, good or bad, we make the choice in how our life responds. God has our life planned and orchestrated. He holds the instructions as well as the spare pieces that puts everything into place. We can choose to become impatient with God. We can have an attitude that says “this is taking way longer than it should” or “things don’t make sense” or even“life hasn’t turned out the way we planned”.  It is easy to fall into the trap of comparing our lives to the lives of others, believing others are more blessed than we are or others have achieved things in life faster.

Or, we can just slow down and rest.

We have the option of letting the Father work out His perfect plan for our life. Let Jesus be the builder and assemble His plans for our life. We just need to simply take a deep breath and let our response be “Go Daddy, Go!”

Let your worship to Jesus be founded in trust, in Him and His Word. Whatever He is doing in your life, whatever is thrown your way, choose to celebrate the goodness of God. He is the creator of all things and every good and perfect gift comes from our Father. In every season, He is our constant help. So when life seems unclear and unsure, look to the Father, and with a shout of praise proclaim “Go Daddy, Go!”

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