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We were created to serve, not to live self absorbed lives. God has made an important investment into each one of us.  Whether we have uncovered it or not doesn’t matter, the investment is there and God has intended us to use all that He placed in us to serve others.  (And to be clear…YOU – yes, I am talking to you – YOU are a part of the US that I am referring to. Don’t disqualify yourself as you read this…you have something extremely valuable inside of you…) We are to use our intelligence, our ability, and our spiritual gifting to strengthen and encourage those in our family, our community, and our church.  You are one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity and you fulfill part of why God placed you on this earth when you choose to serve others.

I remember the first time I held my first child.  That was a huge moment of realizing I was created for more than just myself.  I now had a responsibility to help someone else grow and develop to be all God created them to be.  It was a scary moment, a moment where I doubted myself and wasn’t sure that I had what it would take to help my daughter grow.  I hadn’t realized that God had already equipped me to be the father that she needed. Maybe you doubt your ability to make a significant contribution to the Church or to the people in your world. Maybe you are thinking that you don’t possess the ability to help them grow into the Church or person they were created to be. I would, however, encourage you to have faith in yourself and all that God has placed in you.

If you are not serving in the church then the church body is missing something extremely valuable because what God placed in you is unique and important.  What He put in you is not just for you but it is essential to the realization of the mission of this church, the church God has placed you in.

If up to this point you have been more self focused and you haven’t stepped into a life of serving others, not only is Your Church missing something valuable, but Your life is missing something valuable.  It is incomplete and the only way to begin to make it full is to uncover HOW GOD MADE YOU, FIND OUT WHAT HE GAVE YOU, and START USING IT TO SERVE OTHERS. We are committed, as your church family, to helping you do just that.

Our GROW TEAM environment is all about helping you uncover what God has placed in you and helping to create opportunities for you to use what He has given you to serve someone other than yourself.

What we know is that SAVED PEOPLE – SERVE PEOPLE & SERVING PEOPLE ARE GROWING PEOPLE!  We are committed to helping you grow and become the person God created you to be. We are dedicated to helping you find a place you love to serve and a team of people you love to serve with. The gift that God has given you is big. We truly believe that when you join and serve on a Grow Team at Victory Life and start using that gift to serve others, you will start to grow personally while at the same time help the Church grow collectively.

Click this link here to find out how you can get involved in a GROW TEAM today.

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