Worship Environment Team

This team has the great privilege and responsibility to lead our congregation in worship in our weekend and midweek services. Musicians and vocalists team up to create an environment for people to encounter God through music and creativity. The weekly rehearsals and rotations vary by location. Music experience, a hunger to grow, and a humble heart are paramount! Equipment required varies between instrument/campus.

  • Vocalists
  • Choir*
  • Musicians
  • Drummers
  • Bass Players
  • Guitarists
  • Pianists
  • Woodwind and Brass*
  • Music Directors
Service Production:
This team is designed to technically support our weekend and midweek services. Audio, graphics and lighting all work together to supplement a service designed to remove distraction and create opportunities for people to engage with the living God. You will need a basic understanding of computer technology and previous production experience doesn’t hurt! No equipment needed, just a willing heart!

  • Service Audio
  • Service Graphics and Videos
  • Service Lighting
  • Video Technology*
* – Will vary from location to location