My Healing Story

In the Spring of 2014 (at the age of 19), I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis (UC). (I’ll save you the trouble of googling that and let you know that the disease’s main symptom is colon ulcers.) After many trips to the ER, doctor appointments, and surgeries my doctor told me that I would be living with UC for the rest of my life. This incurable disease CAN go into remission, but he hadn’t seen many make a full recovery and return to “normal life.” At the time, I was practically the poster-child for healthy teenagers being a collegiate cheerleader and active in student activities on campus, but this was heartbreaking. The thing is, I was doing what I felt like the will of God was for my life: attending Dallas Baptist University for a Broadcast Communication degree, a collegiate cheerleader, a member of a Christian sorority… The only things that were running through my mind were: Why me? How did I get this? Is this even happening? Why ME?!

To be honest, I was freaking out, just like anyone else would when told, “So, you were healthy, and now you’re not, for no explainable reason. There is no cure for this disease, BUT there are lots of tests, medicines, and procedures we can try to see what will work. OH, and you can’t cheer anymore, or eat anything you want to at any given time, and you have to rest – A LOT.”

The fear was real, y’all. But, what about MY life? MY plans? MY education? MY *chicken nuggets* ??? BUT GOD, HE knew what was going on all along.

I was listening to a podcast by Christine Caine, and she said: “The impossible, crazy, no-where-else-to-turn situations are EXACTLY when God loves to show off.” He thrives on saving His children and rescuing them from the craziness this world offers.

The Lord moved in BIG TIME. Just like he loves us BIG TIME! The next two years are nothing that I had planned, but that didn’t matter. I finished my first year of school in Dallas with supernatural favor (ended with a 3.8 GPA!) and came home for the summer. I jumped into the Word more than ever. It was so important for me to renew my MIND to think *I AM HEALED*, and *God WANTS to heal ME!* Every day I was learning something new about HIS love and not taking on the identity of a victim of Ulcerative Colitis.

The scripture that I constantly spoke over my spirit was Psalm 46:5 “God is in the midst of her; she shall not be moved; God will help her when morning dawns.” Through this journey, the Lord reminded me daily that I will see this all the way through. I asked the Lord, “WHAT does that mean?! When will this be over?” The answer I received was peace – a sense of peace that is unexplainable beyond words. I had no timeline to work with. I had no “end date” to look for when this would end, but I had something better – the peace of my Father.

I think that was the key to renewing my mind – submerging myself in the Word, surrounding myself with people who would encourage me in my healing and not question my beliefs, and volunteering. I joined the Technical Production Crew at VL Sherman. It grew my love for broadcast and all that Victory Life does to make the word available to everyone via the internet. Being a part of something bigger than myself took the focus off of what I was dealing with and made me focus on others and what the Lord was doing. I had to remind myself always: “It’s not about YOU!”

In mid-January our church was having their first Dwelling Place service, a service focusing on using spiritual gifts. Spiritually I was so eager for my healing but in the natural I was in physical pain all day. I almost didn’t attend, but I knew that the Lord was going to work BIG time! During the service, the entire congregation was standing with me for my healing and on January 13, 2015, I was physically healed! One of the symptoms of UC is a lack of appetite but for the first time in a year I was ravenously hungry! (If you know me now, you know that I am almost always eating something!) The joy was overwhelming, and suddenly, the goldfish I had in my purse were not going to cut it!

I was encouraged by many people that night, but words of wisdom were brought to me as well: “Stand FIRM in your healing. Just because you’re physically feeling awesome doesn’t mean that you get to stop claiming that healing. SHARE this story and let it encourage others, because when you do that, your healing is renewed over and over again! The enemy will try to steal this good thing from you, but you have to stand firm.”

Standing firm in my healing is what I did! I told everyone that I came into contact with, the joy was exploding! For the next ten months, I didn’t have a single symptom. Not a pain, ache, or reaction to anything I ate. My body began to reject the medicine that the doctor was having me take! My doctor was amazed and believed with me for continued healing in my body. He never thought his youngest patient by 25 years would make a full recovery!

In January of 2016 (a whole year after my healing!) the doctor had me back into the operating room for another colonoscopy. Was I worried? Absolutely not! I knew that the same God that healed me a year ago could and would heal me again. I knew this colonoscopy would show what needed to be revealed. The Lord is still in control! The doctor talked to me after the procedure and let me know that everything looked clear! I was beyond encouraged. Two weeks later, I got the news that the tests the doctor ran came back NEGATIVE for U.C. *insert hallelujah hands emoji*

I’m here to tell you that God is bigger than your fears, worries, issues, and He is most definitely bigger than the diagnosis you’ve been given. Has it been an easy road? The answer is no, but it was a whole lot lighter because of the choice I made NOT to define myself based off of what my body was telling me but to find my worth in what the Ultimate Healer tells me!

If you need healing in your life, then we would love to stand in agreement with you for your healing. Comment below to have one of our Pastors pray for you for healing in your life!

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    Please pray for me to keep my faith that I am healed in the name of Jesus. This year in July I found out I had herpes but I am now healed. Thank you Jesus!!

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      Please pray for me – I was given a medication 2 years ago that damaged my brain and I am now in constant pain and have disturbing, torture-like uncontrolled movements 24/7. It affects my ability to sleep, be close to my boyfriend, go to work and class, and I find it very difficult to enjoy life any longer. I am constantly depressed and suicidal. There is no cure for this type of brain damage, and treatment is typically more drugs which don’t work fully or which can mess up other parts of your brain chemistry, making the movements worse. At this point, I don’t even have to option to try these treatments because every doctor I have seen tells me I am imagining these things because they don’t want to acknowledge what they have done. They don’t understand how these medications really affect our bodies, so they lie to protect themselves. It is hard for me to go through my pain and then have my experience completely denied and my credibility destroyed by these people who don’t want to accept responsibility. The only thing that keeps me going is the hope that someday, through a miracle, I might live to see a day where I am normal again. Where I can wake up without pain, and hug my boyfriend without being punished for it by my body. I am only 24; it would be a long life living with this forever. Please pray that I receive healing and that these doctors acknowledge what they have done and work to help the people whose lives they’ve destroyed.

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      Audra Miller

      Please pray for my mom, Venessa Buckel. She has been diagnosed with metastatic stage 4 breast cancer that is in the liver and lungs. We know this is not God’s plan for her life. We need God’s healing touch today!

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    Thank you. I am tortured with pain – diagnosis arthritis since my baby girl was born. I have prayed my heart out for relief. Others too have kindly prayed. I have considered every possible blockade to receiving from Him. The more testimonies I heard the more I felt cold shouldered. I had the scorpion when I had asked for an egg. I became depressed tho this has thankfully eased but I still want death sometimes. This month will be twenty years of this. If you can offer any help Iwill glady accept. Thank you for your prayers. God bless and keep you.

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      I declare that in the name of Jesus we are healed. God said clearly affliction has already been healed, this is a test of our faith. Last week the doctors diagnosed me with the same thing but I believe GOD!!!

      We are healed. Write down your testimony,

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      I just prayed for you! I think you need to heal your gut. Look into gut health. You need the inflammation in your body to leave. Your diet needs to be reflective of that. Refined sugar has to go. Cut out as much meat, dairy, and wheat as possible. Get yourself on turmeric/curcumin and take a good probiotic! Check out plexus for their products.
      I’m sorry you’ve been suffering for so long. I understand years of suffering and its a difficult road we’ve been called to travel. May God give you not and peace as you wait, and may He also provide relief from your pain!

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    Patricia Johnson

    Pray for my complete healings well as wholeness after just having knee surgery! Your story has really inspired me Spiritually and physically

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    Emily Leonard

    I’m sick with pelvic inflammatory disease. The medicine they keep prescribing me, Im allergic to. Without the medicine, it seems it will continue to spread. Prayers would be much appreciated. Im getting testing done in a couple of days.

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    Please pray for my friend James. Also, please pray for my sciatica, legs,neck, and shoulder. I can not bathe myself and need a touch from God. Thank you!

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    Arlene Mendoza

    Please include me in your prayers. I am diagnosed with stage 5 chronic kidney disease. I believe the Lord Jesus is our healer, by His stripes we are healed. Looking forward and claiming that I am healed!
    Thank you for sharing your testimony. God bless.

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    I have been experiencing nerve, muscle pain & numbness for nearly a year. I have had many test; they all come back negative. My Christian physiotherapist is working on my spine & hips. Many friends are praying for me; three have received message from God I will be healed. I know God can heal; give me strength to continue to believe He will heal me. He has done many miracles in my life.

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    Thank you for this! It gave me hope.
    I know this was written awhile ago but I hope you might still pray for me. Please pray for my healing from food sensitivities and for anxiety and depression.

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      I just prayed for you! I know all about anxiety and have experienced depressive episodes. I’m so sorry you’re going through this. It is truely a horrible awful thing! We have to keep trusting in God’s goodness and love for us.

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      Please pray that God show me the path to healing. I will commit to seeking his unconditional love. I know there might be others in line ahead of me, but I will get there. It’s more than just about me but my brothers and sisters, and that’s why I know he will heal me. Because I am a follower of his word and will continue to put my brothers and sisters before me. Will you guys help me get there through prayer please.

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    Thank you for this beautiful article. My husband & I just lost our baby in-utero and after the therapeutic surgical procedure two weeks ago, my hcg levels have remained high. I’m trusting in Jesus to lower these levels miraculously and avoid a repeat procedure or medication. I turned away from the church and the Lord these past 10 years after a terrible deception with my former congregation. My mom has always remained strong in her faith and spoke to me about God’s love during this crisis. I feel that God is giving me a second chance to forgive those who hurt me and be forgiven for stepping away from Him these past years. Please pray for my physical and spiritual healing. I feel so sad to have strayed from Him, and so needing of grace and health.

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    I wrote a while back ago regarding my challenge with Ulcerative Colitis. It has turned out that it was NOT my challenge but God’s. He controls every single in my body; He is a creator of all. Thanks to God; the medicine that I started taking a while back ago is still keeping me in remission. Dealing with the flare-up was an extremely difficult and painful experience. But it drew me closer to God. I hope we all get to acknowledge His intervention and give Him nothing but praises and thanks as we deal with our difficult medical conditions. Praise the Lord our Savior!

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    Nick S.

    I was paralyzed with fear about 3 years ago and its been hard to get out the house and excited to go places I use to love going to, it has also been hard for me to be around people, I struggle with depression and anxiety and fear. and the same same thought pattern because of all of this.

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    Nick S.

    I was paralyzed with fear about 3 years ago and its been hard to get out the house and excited to go places I use to love going to, it has also been hard for me to be around people, I struggle with depression and anxiety and fear. and the same same thought pattern because of all of this. A lot this happened this happened because I choose to follow the world after I had been following Jesus my whole life.

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    I have had a severe sore throat for over a month, my left breast/ chest has been burning, the pain then started in my spine and now bones, I get a burning sensation throughout my body, especially in my bones and chest and have had night sweats which I never had in the past. They (hospital) have ran so many tests and have nothing has come Bach abnormal (PTL). I am awaiting MRI results which should come back any day. I pray and read the word for my healing every day. Please agree with me that I am healed in the name of Jesus and my health will be restored 110%. Pray I have faith and that the Lord speaks to me and gives me peace that surpasses understanding and comfort during this time. Your story is such a light and reminder of the goodness of God and how important it is to keep our eyes focused on Him always, sometimes we feel as though a diagnoses or diseases is so much bigger than us but what we should remember is that God is so much bigger than that diagnoses or disease. Please pray God continues to show me this and I get through whatever comes through His unfailing mercy and grace. Thank you. Again, thank yi for sharing your beautiful story of Giod’s faithfulness and healing.

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    I am a 29 year old female who had pretty much perfect health until a year ago I developed numerous Tarlov Cysts all over my spinal cord nerve roots. They cause me immense pain, intestinal and bowel dysfunction and lack of appetite. Please pray that these cysts and nerves heal and that I regain normal intestinal function and appetite. Thank you and God Bless.

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    Continue to pray for the healing of my sciatica, neuropathy, swollen lymph nodes, frozen shoulder, arthritis, and spinal stenosis . Thank to Jesus and you for your intercession.

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      Hello, I need this too, a full restoration healing in whole body and to feel completely nornal whole again . I pray that we are Whole and completely restored again in The Mighty name above All Names Jesus Christ! By his stripes we are healed!

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    I had two big migranes in the night that led to nothing but pain all over my body for almost a month. I went to the ER so many times and each time i got an “there is nothing wrong you look fine” response. Well later i found out i might be diagnosed with Acid reflux and also iih. But i won’t claim it. This past month i have gotten so close to jesus , to the point were everytime i ask him to touch me, let me know that you are here listening, i get this shaky feeling and then i start to speak another language. It’s not his gift but it’s his way of telling me that he is here listening to me. Jesus has given me reassurance that i will be healed, not now but very close. He has also told me that he will save me. He has spoken to me because i have faith in him. After my physical healing i pray in jesus name that he will continue to guide me and to feel me with his Holy Spirit.

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      Hello Shaun, I completely understand how frustrating it is to go to the doctor and they say the typical “You are fine, nothing is wrong with you” or We can’t see what you are talking about” or” Its all in your mind” or ” Its just anxiety” Ooh so so frustrating, when you know your body just doesn’t feel right. I too am seeking answers from God and for his abundant grace and guidance and help to be filled with holy spirit. In Jesus allmighty name.

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    Such a great healing story! (I also went to DBU, over 10 years ago). I have had endometriosis for 15 years and for the last few years have been praying for and claiming healing. I know God will and has healed me, but the pain comes every month. I have had to rearrange my life for it. Please pray that I can stand firm in the healing! I was praying last year asking for healing and if I should even ask for it because I wasn’t sure. I heard God say “I am willing” So I know He wants to heal me. It has confused me quite a bit to still get debilitating pain every month, because I know His promise is healing. Thank you for praying!

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    Please pray for me to be healed from joint hypermobility, severe anxiety, autoimmune issues, hair loss, severe period pains, and food intolerances. I’ve been holding on to God to see me through this. Pray I’ll also stand firm and that 2019 will truly be a year of breakthrough. The pain I’m in threatens my job, marriage, having children, traveling and just the simple things such as standing and sleeping are all so painful/ uncomfortable. What stood out in your testimony was your age. I’m currently 25. I pray I will also experience healing this year. I stumbled upon this page desperate for encouragement. I have definitely been encouraged and believe I’ll share my testimony soon in a Jesus’ name.

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    I am diagnosed with LPR (laryngo pharyngeal reflux) couple of months back. Then onwards I’m suffering severely. I lost soo much weight that I come to borderline under weight. Difficulties in swallowing. Constant presence of something at the bottom of the throat which doesn’t go away that drives me crazy. Post nasal drip. Severe anxiety because all of this which makes me sleepless 24/7. I’m 40. I believe spirits of darkness are trying to destroy my life and separate me from my eternal omnipotent Father. I need help in prayer to defeat these satanic forces and manifest complete healing in my body and soul and to ALL the people who are longing for it in the above posts that Jesus Christ has already provided by HIS stripes.

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      Eunice Matthew

      There nothing above God put your trust on him and it shall be well with you in Jesus name.
      With you in my prayer.

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    Alyssa Outram

    Please pray for me I have a rare incurable disease known as Pseudotumor cerebri. Basically it’s a Brain condition where I produce way too much spinal fluid in my head. Which causes blindness, horrible migraines 24/7, body pains, effects my memory and cognitive ability. I’ve been suffering with this condition for 3 years. No medicine has worked. Next would be surgery which I don’t want. It’s very risky and dangerous and from what I’ve heard hasn’t worked for many people. I’ve literally tried and prayed and everything. I’m out of options all that is left is to believe for healing. I would really appreciate your prayers. Your story was so touching and gave me hope that I haven’t felt in a very long time.

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    Please believe with me for my healing from glaucoma and HIV . I know the devil will always try and find ways for us to doubt the power of God in our lives . The part of our being that still believes in the healing power of God is a show that we have faith in him and we will be victorious.

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    Please pray for me. Having acid reflux symptoms, sinus symptoms, mouth issues. I experience something different pretty much every day. I stay in the word and pray throughout the day. I have claimed my healing. I want it on this side and that it never return. I’m getting better but then something else happens. I trust God and have repented.

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    Carla Ramos

    Wow just ran across this as I was googling more about the condition of UC my husband Eric Ramos is currently in prison and was recently diagnosed with UC and being in prison and having UC I’m sure it’s not pretty … as i was googling of this rare condition I decided to google Ulcerative colitis healed by jesus I’m a firm believer of the power of Christ and I have never heard of this until my husband was diagnosed so I wanted to see if anybody was healed , and wow Glory to God !!!! Your story inspires me to pass it on to him to let him know that he doesnt have to live with this condition for the rest of his life! Please stand in agreement to proclaim healing over his body , they left the condition untreated and he collapsed and lost about 75 percent of his blood from his body while being in prison, God is good and kept him alive, and I can only ask for prayers of healing over his body in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus Christ !!! It’s sad to see your loved one sick in the body and no cure but this testimony is once again prove GOD CAN AND WILL HEAL US OF OUR SICKNESS and INFIRMITY. I PRAY SUPERNATURAL HEALING OVER EACH AND EVERY PERSON WITH A SICKNESS AND ILLNESS AND I PLEAD THE BLOOD OF CHRIST TO RENEW AND MAKE YOU STRONG !!!

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    Leslie Danielle Adams

    Please for my digestive system. I’ve been paralyzed with fear.. I know God is in control. In Jesus name I pray I’m HEALED

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    Please pray for me I was diagnosed with hiv May 2018. I caught it from sleeping without a condom with my partner. I do believe by gods stripes I am healed and I am undetectable now. I have repented and I trust god. I will not lose my faith

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    Please pray for me. I was diagnosed of hbv two years ago. My health is failing. I absolutely believe in God for healing. He is in control.

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    Hi my name is Michael and I need your prayers I have a Brain issue from medication since 2 1/2 years there’s no cure or treatment I want to feel normal again please lord Jesus I need your miracle

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    Thank you Madison for sharing your inspiring and faith-building story. And most of all, heartfelt thanks and all the glory to our great and wonderful God! My name is Daniel and I have been struggling with gastritis for a year, and a bad flare-up over the last two weeks. I have been believing for complete healing of that and other issues. I know God has done his part and that it’s His will for me to be healed. I think that the enemy senses that God has a plan for my life that will mean bearing abundant fruit for His Kingdom, and frankly I think the enemy is trying to take me out. Please, church leaders and all who are willing, please believe and intercede along with me for the miraculous manifestation of my complete healing so that I can effectively do the work He has for me to do. Thank you so very much and may the Lord continue to bless all of you and the wonderful ministry of Victory Life.

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    Friends, I’m requesting prayers for my complete healing from debilitating Parkinson’s disease and for my mother who’s now going in and out of hospitals due to kidney failures, heart issue, hypertension, diabetes, low blood oxygen and many others. She’s now undergoing dialysis. Im now in the toughest point in my life. I firmly believes in the scriptures that by His stripes we’re healed (Isa. 54:4-5, 1 Pet: 2:24).
    May all the people in this forum who needs healing be completely restored by our Abba Father Yah through his son our Savior Yahshua hamashiach (Jesus Christ)

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    Denise Bender

    Please pray for healing of IBS. I am 49 and got this 9 months ago. I live with daily pain and some days nausea. I eat a very limited diet. I keep asking Jesus to simply take away the pain. I can accept the diet but the pain causes so much anxiety. I know Jesus wants me to live a full life and not barely survive. My joy has been stolen. Thank you for your prayers!

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    Please PRAY for me ! i was diagnosed with Herpes at the end of September 2018. And I Plead the blood of Jesus over this disease, and all of the demonic spirits that are trying to attack me, with depression and feelings of negativity. I know that God is going to restore me. ALL OF MY HEALTH COMETH FROM THE LORD

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    Please pray for me I was diagnosed with herpes in 2018 and I want more than anything for god to heal me of this disease and make me new and clean again in Jesus name I pray for me and all others who have other disease that god will come into us and take over and cast all demons out of us.

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    Karen Nipper

    Please pray for my husbsnd, he has been diagnosed with liver cancer that has moved to the lymph nodes, I know God can heal him, he is a wonderful husband and Dad, he deserves to be healed and made new, thank you for your ptayers and God bless

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    Patty Robinson

    I was just diagnosed with an esophageal malignancy. I have to see an oncology surgeon in two days. Please help me pray that when I see him, the cancer will be GONE! I have a disabled son who needs me and a 15 year old grandson. I pray God will heal me and let me love to give him GLORY and to use me and my testimony to WITNESS to others! I BELIEVE!

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    Hi please pray that the skin on my face completely heals. The constant redness and the very dry patches to absolutely fade away. I’m trusting the Lord for my healing and may I testify one day with a healthy glowing face. All of this I pray in Jesus name! Thank you very much for your prayers.

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    Ladeisha Norris

    I’m asking prayer for my daughter.we are in icu in the hospital. She has rsv and asthma. Praying for healing.

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