It Started at Jubilee

About 15 years ago my family and I drove from our home in Broken Bow over to Durant to attend a week long celebration at Victory Life Church called Jubilee. It was very exciting. The worship was high-energy, and the messages were inspiring. It was a wonderful atmosphere, and the people were incredibly friendly, smiling and welcoming. It made such a positive impression on us. Little did we know at the time that we would soon join the Victory Life family and that Jubilee would become an annual part of our lives. Not long after our first Jubilee experience, we began driving to the closest location- Hugo.

Having been a part of many different churches before, we carried lots of “church life” experience with us, along with many disappointments and hurt as well. We thought we knew what to expect coming into Victory Life. Wow, we were so surprised to find a family of believers who truly loved each other and showed us the loving nature of our Heavenly Father. The same heart and kindness that we had experienced at Jubilee in the Durant location, it was like they were ONE church! I remember telling my wife one day after a Sunday morning service as we were headed back to Broken Bow…”whether there is ever a Victory Life location in Broken Bow or not, we have got to commit to this church, this is the real deal, this is what we have been looking for!” And so, we did!

In the years since we have seen the church expand from 2 locations to 9 locations (including our Broken Bow location –  🙂 – and yet we have remained ONE church. ONE church united in our heart – “loving God, loving people, serving both” –  and in our mission, – “Building Healthy churches that are growing people in Christ”.  We are ONE church spread out through various communities with many different faces, personalities, gifts, etc., yet we are ONE church! This year we are looking forward to gathering together in ONE place as ONE church to celebrate all that our faithful God has done and is doing in and through Victory Life Church! The theme this year is “ONE” and I think it fits perfectly.

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