Jubilee Childcare

Jubilee is a family friendly event where children of all ages are welcome to attend the services. We will have childcare available off-site for ages 2-6 for each night service.

This year, the Choctaw Wellness Center is not available for us to use for childcare, so we are using the children’s classes at our Durant campus. We are excited about what this change will allow us to offer!

Days and Times


Jubilee Childcare Visitor Registration

If you haven’t checked-in your child at a Victory Life Campus before, please fill out this form to make your check-in process quicker!


Will there be any childcare available at the Event center?
Unfortunately, no. The Choctaw Wellness Center we used for childcare last year is already in use and therefore not available to us this year. We will be caring for children ages 2-6 at the Durant campus instead.
Will there still be a free toy each night for the kids at the event center like last year?
Yes, we have a small surprise ready for them each night!
What will be available at the Event Center to help families with babies?
There are two rooms on either side of the main Event Center entrance available. One room will be set up for nursing mothers and the other will be a diaper changing room.
Will service be too loud for my child?
The volume of our Jubilee services is concert level. You can buy hearing protection for your child here: Link to Amazon
What will the 2-6 year old kids be doing in Jubilee childcare?
They will have a Bible lesson each night and learn a memory verse for the week. They will watch a movie, eat pizza, play in a bounce house with other children close to their age, play with a bunch of fun toys, make new friends, and if the weather cooperates, we may play on the playground or go onto the fenced-in field and play sports-ball (unless they are a tiny 2 year old, then maybe no sports ball).
What if my child gets hurt at Jubilee childcare?
We will have at least one trained EMS person onsite. They will treat any wound necessary or at their discretion call 911.
What if there is an emergency or I am worried and need to talk to someone watching the kids?
You can call or text Pastor Jennifer Wheeler at (903) 267-2994
How will you contact me if there is an emergency?
We will call or text the phone number on your child’s account in PCO. If there is any chance your number has changed since the first time you used our check-in system, please talk with a check-in Grow Team member when you check your child in for Jubilee.
Will there be security for the kids at the Durant Campus?
Yes, we will have security personnel on site. If we decide to take the kids to the onsite playground or field, security will be present. From 7pm till checkout the campus will be locked down.
What if I don’t feel comfortable leaving my child at the Durant campus while I am at the Event Center for Jubilee?
The Durant campus is exactly 0.6 miles away from the Event Center – 10 minutes driving time. Many parents drop their children off at school or daycare at a similar distance from their work. However, we understand how you feel. If you aren’t comfortable leaving your child that far away you are welcome to either A) Find a baby sitter, B) Take them to Jubilee with you or my personal favorite C) Serve on the kids Grow Team and keep your child close by! You can sign up here: Jubilee Volunteer Registration
Do I need to send food with my child?
Please do not. We will feed the children pizza for dinner every night and we are not equipped to store or manage special meals for individual kids. If your child will not eat pizza, please feed them beforehand.
Can I send a diaper bag with my child?
Please do not. We will not accept diaper bags because they severely slow check out and add complications to our system. We have plenty of diapers and changing supplies.
Can I send a toy with my child?
Please do not. We will have lots of fun things for your kids to do but we will not be able to help your child keep track of their toy.
How should my child dress for childcare?
Comfortable play clothes only. We will not restrict the children from playing based on their clothes. We assume if they are wearing it, then it is cool to get sweaty and pizza grease stained.
Can I drop my child off early if I am serving on a Jubilee Grow Team at the Event center?
Unfortunately, no. The Kids Grow Team needs time to get off work, drive to the Durant campus, huddle up and prepare to receive kids. If dropping your child off at 6pm will make you late for your position, please alert your Grow Team Leader as soon as possible (ideally well before Jubilee) and let them know that you are dropping your child off. Ask if they can work with you or if you need to transfer to a different Grow Team.
What if I am going to be late picking up my child?
If at all possible, don’t be late! Your children will be tired from having fun and the volunteers want to go home. If, however, something happens that prevents you from picking your child up directly after service, please call or text Pastor Jennifer Wheeler at (903) 267-2994.
Why only ages 2-6? Doesn’t the Durant campus have room for kids of all ages?
Due to childcare being offsite, we did not feel comfortable caring for babies under 2 years old with a volunteer staff as parents of young babies usually prefer to be able to check in on their children more readily.

We limited the upper age to 6 because the childcare areas are designed to hold children for an hour and a half service, not 4 hours. This means we will need to move the children from room to room for different activities to make the experience more pleasant for them and the people volunteering their time to serve our families.

Additionally, in the past, we received feedback that children age 2-6 were the hardest to manage during Jubilee services for parents. Since we cannot accommodate all the children, we felt like this age range would be the most beneficial to parents.

What do I do with my 0-23 month old child since there is no childcare provided for that age?
Your baby is welcome at Jubilee! We want you to know that we WANT you to come and bring your kids with you. We are ok with noise; we are ok with crying babies.

There will be a nursing mothers’ room and a separate diaper changing area by the main Event Center entrance.

Please note: the volume of our Jubilee services is concert level so you may wish to bring ear protection for your little ones. You can buy hearing protection for your baby here: Link to Amazon

My child just turned 7 last week. He is small for his age and doesn’t do well in service, can he check into childcare even though he is too old?
Unfortunately, no. We understand it can be frustrating and we would like to serve kids of all ages, but space does not permit it. We also cannot set a boundary, make some abide by it, and make exceptions for others. To do so would be unfair and dishonest.

Keep in mind, however, if you serve on the Kids Jubilee Grow Team, your children ages 7 and up can serve alongside you. If you would like you can sign up here: Jubilee Volunteer Registration

I am so happy you guys are offering childcare! How can I give to support this?
There are two ways you could help support us offering childcare this year.

  1. We need a lot of volunteers to help make sure our kids are well taken care of and have a great time. If you would like to volunteer to help serve in our kids area this year, please sign up here: Jubilee Volunteer Registration.
  2. If you aren’t able to serve but still want to help, please consider giving a donation at vl.church/jubilee-giving. Every dollar given towards Jubilee helps us put on an excellent Jubilee service not only for our adults, but for our children too.
I have a question that is not in the FAQ list. Who can I reach out to?
You can email Kids@victorylifechurch.com if you have any questions that are not answered above.