My Life Group Story

I was a regular attendee at Victory for a year and had not truly connected to anyone. I had no real sense of belonging. It was more like being with strangers. I saw people, people who knew each other and related to one another like family. I wanted that too, but I didn’t know how to find it. I assumed that kind of relationship just took years of going to church to develop. Maybe in a few more years I could have that too! Then one Sunday a young man named Joel struck up a conversation with me and he invited me to a men’s life group. I didn’t immediately start attending the group, but he was persistent with his invitations till finally, I attended my first life group meeting. Tony Medina, the group leader, greeted me with excitement, as well as the other guys in the group. Some of the men genuinely poured their hearts out that night. I saw that there was safety to be able to share without judgment or condemnation. I was hooked! Over the next year, I came regularly and developed close bonds with several of the men. I now have a family at Victory Life. Men I can call on in a time of need. And it didn’t take years just attending services to develop. It happened in a Life Group.

One day in my scripture reading I came across Ezekiel 22:30, “And I sought for a man among them who should build up the wall and stand in the breach before me for the land, that I should not destroy it, but I found none.” And it spoke to me. I felt the Lord was saying to me “Will you stand in the gap on behalf of the men who can’t attend on a Thursday night and start a group on another night?” I was reluctant. I told God “I’m not a teacher,” He said, ” I didn’t ask you what you could do. I asked if you were willing!” So I said yes! I now lead a Monday night men’s group. It has been one of the most rewarding things I have ever done. God has used it to grow me spiritually, and He has surrounded me with a strong group of men, brothers in Christ! I have learned that if you want a friend, you have to be a friend!

If God can use me, He can use anyone! He has a call on each one of our lives. There is a gap we are all called to stand in on behalf of somebody.

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