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I imagine a time when Victory Life Church was not much more than a single Life Group.  It was vibrant and full of life! There was a deep sense of community and belonging. When a need arose, others rallied to see that it was met. People knew they were part of something special. God was moving and great things were happening. The relationship bonds that form in small groups like this are deep and strong. 

The church grew, and as all healthy things do, it went through many changes. With every improvement there was additional growth, which meant more people, more services and more locations. Those who experienced this moment in time may have mourned the loss of that smaller, tightly knit community even while they celebrated the continued growth of the church. Keeping that healthy, intimate culture of small groups kept the church feeling small while it continued to grow. The “why” behind Life Groups is meeting the continued need for relationship, regardless of the size of the church. 

People were tight knit back then. They were friendly and excited about what was happening – we still have that. I wasn’t here in the beginning, but I know that what we have, that thing we want people to experience, is living life everyday in relationship with people in order to create bonds of love and service. 

When we talk about the past, we are not going back, but  are “rediscovering” that part of who we are as a church. As we prepare to launch into a new emphasis on Life Group ministry, we can expect that vibrancy and life that has always been to draw more and more people into the community we know as Victory Life Church. This is who we are. We develop relationships in which community is developed and experienced, in which we walk out our values, serve one another and work out what we are hearing in church. This continues to be so today and is what will keep us healthy in the future.

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      Anne Mayorga

      Dear Mark,
      I am so inspired and hopeful after reading your explanation on Life Groups.
      I’m from Minnesota. I recently moved to a small community. Before I moved here I and another friend met weekly and watched Duane Sharrif’s DVDs and had meaningful discussions afterwards. Since then I have learned of Life Groups that is a very important part of Victory Life Church. I would like to start a group near where I live. I have two graduates of Charis Bible college who are very interested in getting this started.
      Can you help me with this ?
      In great appreciation ,
      Anne Mayorga

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