Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, we asked some of our staff members to tell us a memorable story about their mom.

One of the greatest things about my mom was her heart for her children to develop a relationship with the father. Every day we would read the Bible and journal. She taught us very early about teachings being meat or milk and that we should be striving for meat. One day when I was 7, I remember being frustrated with the Bible verse she had given us that day. It was too advanced for my 7-year-old understanding. So I went to my mom and told her “Mom, I want milk, not meat.” It became a running joke in the family that she tried to teach us advanced biblical concepts too early, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Growing up my mom taught us to live a life where we were always learning. She took the time to homeschool my brother and me and really to individualize towards our strengths and weaknesses. When I struggled with dyslexia and ADHD, she found a way to teach me so that I retained the things I was learning. Ultimately one of the greater lessons that she taught me was that everyone is different, everyone is unique, and that’s a good thing. God gave you a certain way of thinking, and that is your gift for humanity. You think this way; you were born with these gifts because God knew your calling.

Growing up my Mom would do ‘nightly affirmations’ with my sister and me. Every single night as far back as I can remember Just a fancy way to say that we would talk to each other about positive things that we did each day. We would say “I affirm you for…” whatever you did that day that was good. I would tell my mom that she was a good mom. And she would tell me how I had a good attitude that day or praised the fact that I did chores or homework without having to be asked. Getting daily praise has an extraordinarily positive effect on your self-esteem and I plan on doing the same with my own children.

My mom is an outdoorsy type person, she loves to camp and fish, anything outdoors. When I was in 5th or 6th grade living in California, we spent a summer on the lake on our houseboat fishing. She taught me how to filet fish, de-scale bass and boil crab. That summer I learned how to catch crawdads and also how to batter and fry them. That summer was so memorable, and I was even able to pass that love of fishing to my children as well.

My mom is an awesome woman of God. She has always studied the Bible. The entire time I was growing up, she was always diligent about reading. I started noticing it as a young adult, but I never realized how much it impacted me until I began studying the word for myself and saw that I modeled my patterns of studying after her. She demonstrated the importance of God’s word. My mom is perfect!

My mother was an excellent seamstress. She has owned the same sewing machine for as long as I can remember and still has it to this day. Coming from a large family, it only made sense for her to make my siblings and me clothes. At Easter many years she would make us all matching outfits. However, the single style of clothing that sticks out to me were the culottes. If you aren’t familiar with culottes, they are basically very baggy pleated shorts that look like a dress. They were so not cool, and we wore them every day. Mom would take us to the fabric store, and we would pick out the fabric that we wanted for our next culottes. And sometimes, when we were really lucky, she would make us a matching vest to go along with our culottes.


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