My Debt, His Blood

In October, last year, Pastor Duane taught the series Overloaded and his timing was impeccable because I was feeling stressed and overloaded.  The Word tells us to lean on our Father, His yoke is easy, and His burden is light (Matthew 11:30), but sometimes we tend to try to do everything ourselves. Pastor Duane talked about being “drunk of heart” and discussed spiritual detoxification.  I decided that I needed to do a detoxification, so I began a five-day fast from food and Facebook.  During the time that I would usually eat, or check my Facebook, I used this opportunity to read my Bible and journal.  I felt so open to hearing whatever the Father had to say to me.  I had several moments of spiritual clarity, which were amazing.   

One night as I was journaling, I felt impressed, by the Holy Spirit, to write this poem about a picture I had drawn a few years ago. This picture was simply a cross with a shroud on it and on the shroud were the words My Debt, His Blood.  It is simple but holds profound meaning.

Although, He shed His blood on Calvary
It was my debt, and now I’m free.
Freedom; what an awesome price
He took my pain and saved my life.

It was my sin, it was my choice
The Father gave me my own voice.
It should have been my punishment
Because His Son was innocent.

You see, Jesus was sent from above
To spread God’s truth and His love.
He healed the sick and raised the dead
He even made sure the hungry were fed.

He walked this earth to stop the strife
And built the church to be His wife.
My cross, my sin bore on His back
The crowd, they shouted malign attack.

He trudged the road to seek His fate
His perfect love, to clean my slate.
“Forgive them” was His last request
These words aloud Jesus expressed.

He bowed His head and it was done
God sacrificed His perfect Son.
On the third day, He rose from the grave
Satan cannot take what Jesus has saved.

His blood He shed for His Bride
No sin of man can be denied.
The gift He left for us within
The Holy Spirit guides us from sin.

His resurrection is our salvation!
Our journey is on a firm foundation!
His blood, he shed on Calvary
It was my debt and Christ set me free!

Our Heavenly Father paid the price for all of our sins and because of His blood we are made new, we are set free, and we are redeemed.  Easter is a time of remembrance that a debt has been paid on our behalf, and the resurrection of Christ is our rebirth and salvation.  This Easter, wherever you find yourself in your walk with the Lord, stop and take a moment to reflect on all of the things He’s done in your life.

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    Bonnie Sanders

    That is so beautiful and touched my heart. Just what I needed this morning. I am Brittani Hoffman’s grandmother. Yes, I get on overload much of the time but it is psychological for me. I have lots of physical time but I find myself being mentally overloaded. It is very tiresome and I have to make another trip to my prayer spot and fall on my face (litterally) before my Lord and let Him speak to my soul. God bless you!!

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