Next Steps

“Next Steps” is the environment we created to help people continue in their growth at Victory Life Church. We get so many questions all the time from people seeking growth: “I just got saved, what do I do now?” “I want to grow in my relationship with the Lord, what should I do?” “I want to be more involved in the church, who should I talk to?” These questions and many more are asked by people who are sincerely asking “What is my next step?” Now, with the aptly named “Next Steps” environment, we have a simple answer to every one of those questions. Taking the next step is easy for everyone.

“Next Steps” is four sessions spread out over a few weeks that will enable you to move forward in your relationship with Jesus, no matter where you are currently in that relationship. The four steps are: Know God, Experience Victory, Discover Your Purpose, and Make a Difference. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate. We would love to see everyone in our church go through Next Steps. Join us as we take the next step toward maturity and growth in Christ.

The “Next Steps” meeting times will vary depending on your location. We invite you to jump in at any time, you are not required to complete them in order. Each session has a limited number of seats available so be sure to sign up to reserve your spot!

Step OneStep TwoStep ThreeStep Four

Step One: Know God

Know God, explores and develops the essential habits that every believer needs to become a fully devoted follower of Jesus Christ.

Step Two: Experience Victory

Know Victory Life, helps you become better acquainted with Victory Life Church. Topics covered are our beliefs, our structure and our Ecosystem.

Step Three: Discover Your Purpose

Know Your Gifts, will help you discover new aspects of your personality, identify your spiritual gifts, and understand how your passions lead to a fulfilling life.

Step Four: Make a Difference

Know Your Team, is designed to introduce you to a specific area of service on a Victory Life Grow Team. Consider where God might lead you as you learn more information on serving opportunities!

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