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On Christmas Day last year, our one year old baby girl, Olivia took her very first steps. It was a wonderfully unexpected Christmas gift our family was able to share together. As a parent, few things bring greater joy than seeing your kids grow and learn. When our kids are learning to walk we make a huge deal about it each time they try. When she takes just a step or two and sort of falls into our arms, we all holler, “Yay, Yo-Yo!” (the nickname affectionately given to her by her brother, Israel). In each stage of our kid’s lives we find ways to cheer them on and celebrate their progress. When they share their toys, or obey, Hannah and I want them to know how proud we are. We never want them to think we are just looking over their shoulder waiting to show anger and disappointment when they mess up. Love rejoices in the victories. It doesn’t keep count of the mess-ups.

Our Heavenly Father loves us like that. He rejoices in every step we take toward growth and maturity. Too often we assume God is an angry Zeus-like deity ready to hurl lightning bolts of judgement on anyone who messes up. That’s just not true. That is not the God we see revealed in Jesus. He makes statements like “There will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over 99 righteous persons who need no repentance.” Heaven throws a party when God’s children take steps toward maturity. The church is where the best parties should be! But honestly, churches have not done a great job helping people grow or celebrating when they do.

We want to be a church that helps people grow. “Next Steps” is the environment we created to do just that.
We get so many questions all the time from people seeking growth: “I just got saved, what do I do now?” “I want to grow in my relationship with the Lord, what should I do?” “I want to be more involved in the church, who should I talk to?” These questions and many more are asked by people who are sincerely asking “What is my next step?” Now, with the aptly named “Next Steps” environment, we have a simple answer to every one of those questions. Taking the next step is easy for everyone.

“Next Steps” is four sessions spread out over a few weeks that will enable you to move forward in your relationship with Jesus, no matter where you are currently in that relationship. The four steps are: Know God, Know Victory Life, Know Your Gifts, and Know Your Team. There is a shared meal and childcare is provided. Everyone is invited and encouraged to participate. We would love to see everyone in our church go through Next Steps. Join us as we take the next step toward maturity and growth in Christ.

You can learn more about “Next Steps” by visiting this page.

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      Hello James/Angie.

      At the time of this post Next Steps is still in the process of being rolled out to all of our locations and the dates for April’s next steps events are still being decided.

      You can fill out the form at the bottom of the next steps page on this website if you’d like to be notified of the next event.


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