Online Volunteer Opportunities

There is power in prayer.

Every day we hear from people all over the world that are angry, broken and alone. The prayer team goes through and prays for every request that comes in and then through just one click lets the person know that they have been praying. Join the team and see that prayer has no limits.
Join the Prayer Team

Online Church enables me to reach out to people all over the world; encouraging and being encouraged, laughing together, praying together, helping those ‘feeble knees’ to stand firm and strong! New friends become firm friends – what a great way to connect!
Lorraine – United Kingdom

Life through connections.

As a Host Team member, you get to make connections in the chat room, create great dialogue and just show off the love of Jesus to people from all over the world. You don’t have to be a tech guru to get this done. If that sounds like you, we are ready to get you going.
Join the Host Team

Being a host on VLC Online church has helped me to grow in my faith, and to reach out to people in their time of need. What a fantastic family to belong to.
Anne – Scotland

Build international reach.

As an elite group of tech and social media guru’s, the operations team ensures that the online platform is always ready to go. Part of the team is passionate about communication, telling stories and using social media to reach the world and the other half of the team understand code, CSS, HTML and 1’s and 0’s in ways that boggle the minds of mere mortals.
Join the Operations Team

Because of what I do technically, I get to enjoy delivering the Word to people all over the world.
Ron – Texas

Connect and grow.

We fully understand that no one is an island. Even if you are an online church fan and love the fact that you can go to church from your living room, you need to connect with others. That’s why we do LifeGroups in sitting rooms and online (iGroup). As an iGroup leader you will be part of a team that meets with people online, prays with them and helps then grow in Christ.
Join the LifeGroup Leaders Team

Having people join in our Facebook Group from all over the world and share their journey’s, pains and joys is the highlight of my week. I grow whenever I am used to help someone else.
Matt – South Africa