The Power of The Right Question!

Have you ever thought about God asking Adam a question? God asks him “Adam, where are you?” It wasn’t like God didn’t know where Adam was! In essence Adam says, I’m hiding in this bush from you because I’m naked. Gods response is another question. “Who told you, you were naked?” Again it’s not as though God didn’t know the answer to that question (or any question for that matter). This conversation between God and Adam reveals an incredible truth. One I hope changes your life the way it has mine and countless others. Anyone can ask questions and get answers, but the right question can change everything, even your destiny!

God asked Adam a question not because He didn’t know the answer. He asked Adam the RIGHT question. The RIGHT question causes us to think on a higher plane than we would normally think. It can help us think outside our box. Adam needed to see WHERE he was (hiding from God in a bush). So God asked the right question. “Adam where are you?” Adam needed to understand WHO he was listening to. So once again Gods asked the right question. “Who told you, you were naked?” The right question changes everything!

For hundreds of years we asked the question “Where can we get water?” and we built our homes and cities where there was a sufficient water supply. Someone ventured to ask a better question “How do we get water to us?” The answer to that question revolutionized society forever. The right question can change everything!

It is not the man or women with all the answers that rules the meeting. It’s the person who knows how to ask the right questions! An author and speaker named “Anthony Robbins was quoted as saying “Successful people ask better questions, and as a result, they get better answers”. That’s my point exactly. I recently have seen this principle come to light in a whole know way. In Ps. 103:7 we read, “He (God) made known his ways to Moses, his acts to the people of Israel”. This is a nice way of saying that Moses knew WHY God did what he did, but the people of Israel only knew WHAT God did.

WHY?” is a better question than “WHAT?” WHY  reveals our heart, our motive, our reason for what we do. If you know why I do what I do, you understand my heart and therefore my motive for doing it. That understanding will bring clarity to what I do. If you only see what I do but, never ask why I do it, you will most likely misunderstand me and in time misjudge me and my actions. For instance, if we’re not intentional about why we celebrate Easter and all our children see what we do. They could easily think that Easter is about eggs and bunnies and new clothes. While missing entirely the life changing message of Christ’s Resurrection. This also applies to almost anything that we do in life. Things like Christmas, Fourth of July, praying for our meals and even why we do church. If we don’t teach our children to ask the right questions, they will be forced to judge things by what is done instead of why it’s done. I believe this is the reason many people believe Christians are mean-spirited and should be more tolerant. They judge what we do, having no understanding why we do it.

Asking the right question is even important when it comes to the questions you ask yourself. Questions we ask ourselves like, “why doesn’t anyone like me”, “how come nothing ever goes right for me”, or “why does the boss have it out for me”? All these questions are negative questions and must be changed if we’re going to be positive about our life. Much better questions are, “What can do to improve this situation”, “How can I grow and what can I learn from this”, or “where can I go to get council or advice on my next step”? It is so important that we fully grasp how the right questions have the power to change everything. That includes both our internal questions and the ones we express outwardly!

He who asks questions will get answers but, He who asks the right questions can change his destiny.

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    Darin Shupert

    Pastor Lee, you are so consistent at helping me comprehend what God wants me to understand! Thank you, once again for your “God confirmation” message!

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