Advent 2022 | Attitude of Joy | From Sherman

James 1:2
“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds”

Joy is often thought to be a feeling, a result of the conclusion to a temporary dark circumstance which ends with relief.

Joy, according to truth is rather an attitude, a posture of knowing the character of God to be faithful and steadfast. One day, as God has promised, Jesus will return and make whole every circumstance that has wrought brokenness. Knowing the character of God, He is not a liar, He can only tell the truth, remembering the first advent (coming of Christ) and anticipating the second advent, all produce hope. Hope breeds peace in knowing everything, every person, every circumstance will be made whole (shalom), and hope and peace make it possible to choose an attitude of joy, even in the “night” of circumstances where daybreak cannot be seen.

He was with us at the beginning, He is coming back to be with us in the end and He is with us now in all circumstances! And this gospel news is joyful news!

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