All of You | Part 1 | Jacob Sheriff

We just came out of an event called Jubilee, our annual conference where we reflect, celebrate, and dream. We listen for what God is sayin for us as a body for the next year.

Through Billy Epperhart’s message at Jubilee, we heard that it’s time to “break camp and move on”, heard from Deuteronomy 1:7.

Here’s the thing: If we are to move, we have to know God’s voice. If we are to obey, we have to be a church of disciples, not just those who claim a part of Jesus. We have to want ALL of Him by giving Him all of us. Being a disciple is fully losing ourselves and letting God take the lead.

You may not know this, but God makes way better decisions than we do and it is good for us to listen to what HE is saying.

None of this will be easy, but are you willing to give yourself FULLY to Jesus? Are you willing to be a true disciple of Jesus?

This isn’t about doing things to make Jesus love you more. This is all about knowing Him and knowing His voice, but we cannot do that if we are not disciples learning what His voice sounds like. It’s about being rooted in His Word instead of our own desires.

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