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    Elaine Oates

    This is one of the most awesome sermons I have heard . I enjoyed listening to Pastor in Brownwood .

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    Linda Morton

    Pastor Duane…… I do love you with intimacy and I was getting to know Sue. She is an awesome lady. Oh I have tears in my eyes because I miss y’all so much. Y’all were my only family. Can I have another chance. I get healing when I’m there and love. The devil has’taken’it from me. Oh my gosh I too went to the wrong churches. I have been taught love and now I know Jesus Christ the Father and the holy ghost. Thank you guys for loving me when no one else does. It seems that way. I go to the alliance hospital tomorrow. Can Sue come see me please if she can’ I should be there till Fri. God bless you all.

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    Linda Morton-Hutchinson aka. Jane Smith on face…

    Hello::) well I did not have to go to the hospital hallelujah! I was in Terry and Doug Estes life group and I admit I thought I was reaching out for help but it was taken wrong. I am listening to tapes and just as happy as can be. I did not know God hates murmuring and complaining. Wow every time I listen to tapes over and over’ it seems I always learn something new!!! Thank you pastor Duane and Sue. Y’all have surely kept me from a devils hell. I love you guys so much!!! Peace be with you all!

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    Judith Collins

    Awesome teachings….. can’t listen to just once….. over and again…. is a must because each time I get something different. As a gardener… this is so simple to understand. Pastor Duane thank you for being transparent, honest and human. I found you through Andrew Wommack and thought you were hysterical…. (in a good way). As a result I am now part of your online church and a member of Misty’s Awesome Women’s Life Group…..

    Thank you for telling the truth…..

    I pray for us (the online and unground community) daily.

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