Duane Sheriff – Gardening The Heart – Part 2 – Divine Design

Part 2 – Divine Design

All creation works on the seed principle.  Listen and find out God’s divine design and how to apply seeds of faith (which produce life) and not seeds of doubt (which produce death).  Do you want God increasing the seed you are currently sowing?   – Think about it!

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    Victoria Ferrand

    Oh I am so grateful for your revelation and teaching of the word. I graduated Charis Bible College May 13, 2017 and the reason I stared listen and following Andrew was because of his teaching about the power of words. But now I am jumping out of my skin with this truth. and want to share this, so thank you and I have followed you since I heard you teach at the Healing school and spoke over Daniel and Carli!!!!! Thank you!

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    Donna Novotny

    Thank you for this very important teaching….I have been struggling to understand how do I get my harvest. It was so hard for me to understand….NOW, I see! It will take practice for me, but, I will take this teaching and meditate on this. Hallelujah. Thank you. (I’m listening to this again…3rd time tonight…it’s 11:00)

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