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    Ghislain Gagnon

    Thank you Pastor Duane, what an awesome sermon. Yes most definitely, God is good.
    Both me and Pauline sure do appreciate a pastor that teach the meat of God word.
    I thank you Heavenly Father for the anointing that you have place on pastor Duane.
    May your people be encouraged and strengthen by the word, and have boldness to go out and do exploit for your kingdom. As for the unsaved as they hear the word may conviction from the Holy Spirit draw them to repentance. We ask in the name above all name, our Lord and Saviour Jesus.

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    Lois Lovingood

    Pastor Duane, thank you so much for this message that God gave to you. How I wish with all my heart that every American could hear this. There is so much turmoil in our nation, people need the Lord in a massive way. I’m praying that you message will reach millions of people in America. Your sermons have definitely helped me to change my life.
    Thank you and thank God for you,
    Lois Lovingood

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    Robert Waddell

    Much Truth Pastor Duane!!! Love the way you rightly divide so much word of truth that we all tend to miss. I will forever be a fan of VLC and all that you guys do.

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    I want to thank you pastor Duane Sheriff for your encouraging words. I listen to you at charis college, three of our children and a son n law attend I also listen to any of your messages on your site. Your church sounds so friendly. I’ve heard you talk about the young people and that is so good. I hate it when youth groups don’t learn what is being taught as the adults are being taught. I wish you were all near us. It’s hard to find a church that is not all about getting more people and the building. I’m definitely not against more people but if you get more people then you better not be picky on Who God sends. Also people come with problems so there needs to be anointed people to step up and help these people. Otherwise. …it won’t work. I’ve seen it happen and it’s very sad.
    Sorry to take up your time. I enjoy listening to you. I’ve listened to God’s Loving Kindness many times! I wasn’t raised where I was taught that God loved me and I don’t even remember the Holy Spirit spoken about very often. So I never thought about Him. I lived in fear for 7 years because my parents were not in church and I was told they were going to Hell. A deacon told me my dad had committed apostasy.
    Both of my parents are saved they were not in church because of a big mess that happen at the church we were attending. They quit and I went to another one.
    Also I think it’s wonderful that yu have a prayer request site. I realize that there are a lot of people with various needs. But a lot of people are desperate and have no one to turn to. I know.
    Bless you to the fullest!!!!!

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