Duane Sheriff – God’s Good – Part 3 of 3 – Man’s Will; God’s Sovereignty

God’s Good – God’s plan for us is only good. When we understand God’s goodness is unwavering, we can respond to the evil in our world with His unfailing love. In this series, discover how to relate to God’s goodness and the steps we should take to become fully persuaded that nothing can separate us from His love.

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    Katherine Colson

    Is it still possible to get cd’s of Pastor Sheriff’s messages? I lived in north Texas 8 years ago and had some of his cd’s. I have listed to them over and over. I don’t have internet access at my home and only at work. I cannot use work time to hear his messages.
    I would like to know if I can order some cd’s and share them with people here in the Cumberland Gap,Tn.Va.Ky. area.
    thank you very much and God Bless your wonderful church.

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      Lisa R. Giles

      Yes Katherine, you can still order Pastor Duane’s CD’s. Go to http://www.pastorduane.com. Click on Free Resources at the top. There you can select “All messages” or “Recent Messages”. After selecting a series, then scroll to the bottom and it says “Order this series on CD”. I’m sorry we didn’t see your message earlier. I just happened to come across it. Share this with others who doesn’t have access to the podcasts and the online version. God Bless You! Lisa R. Giles

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