Duane Sheriff | Jubilee 2022 | Sat Night @ 5PM

There is a cost to endure. We will suffer in this life and it does look overwhelming, but we have the ability to endure through the power and love of Jesus. It’s important to remember to seek first the Kingdom of God. Keeping our eyes on Jesus will build our faith and help us endure.

Keeping a Kingdom/Eternal mindset will help us not to get in the weeds of the issues of this world, but to be more influenced by the Word of God instead of the opinions of Man. The fruits of the Spirit are not dependent on what is going on around us. The fruits of the Spirit only come by true relationship with God. The spiritual disciplines are crucial in this hour. These disciplines are practices of staying close to God and we cannot afford to back out or be apathetic about our relationship with God. Pastor Duane speaks passionately about seeking first the Kingdom of God and the cost of endurance.

About Duane:

Duane Sheriff is the Senior Founding Pastor of Victory Life Church, a multi-campus church which is headquartered in Durant, Oklahoma. Pastor Duane is an author and speaker who travels around the world speaking at conferences, churches, as well as Charis Bible College. He is the author of 3 books, the most recent being Better Together which was released in early 2021.

In 1983, God directed him to give his teaching messages away for free. At first, this was accomplished by giving away free cassette tapes, but as technology has evolved, countless CDs and MP3 downloads have been given away.

DSM (Duane Sheriff Ministries) has been responsible for promoting the Word of God and helping people develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

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