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    Tammy Brewer

    Being abused as a child I grew up with a heart full of resentment, unforgiveness, guilt and shame. I used drugs and alcohol to mask those feelings. Unforgiveness and addiction affected all areas of my life. Especially with my children. My heart was closed and I didn’t think it would ever open up again. I wanted it to I just didn’t know how. On May 11, 2014 I finally surrendered my addiction with drugs and alcohol to God. He was right there for me. He accepted me just as I was. He totally removed my desire to use drugs or alcohol at that very moment. Since that day God has walked with me and has healed me of so many things that I didn’t even know was a problem. I continue on this healing journey one day at a time. Victory Life has been such a big part of my process. Just like God you accepted me just like I was. I still struggle with my flesh but my life is so worth living today. God has restored my relationship with one of my children. I continue to walk in faith about my other two children. Thank you Victory Life especially Pastor Duane and Pastor Zack. I love you.

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