Evidence of Transformation | Pastor Jacob Sheriff

“We exist to see people transformed” – this is the purpose of Victory Life Church and comes from God according to Romans 8:29. The way people transform is to be in a relationship with Jesus, meaning discipleship. We as a Church are disciples together. There is a personal relationship with Jesus, however, we bring our personal relationship to one another in community and through serving one another. “The Church is the vehicle commissioned to live out this discipleship together – not to own it for you but to facilitate it for you – to create environments that cultivate a relationship with Jesus – a kind of ecosystem that I as a tree can grow in.”

I still have to choose what kind of life to live and there is a way to live that brings blessing and a way to live that brings curse. The way to live under the curse is to trust in man and to live from my own strength. The result of this is dry, hard, fallow ground (heart) and this kind of hostile ecosystem cannot sustain life, it is compared to a shrub in the desert in Jeremiah 17;6. God does not curse me or heap disaster upon me, I have chosen a way that creates a lack of blessing. Through God’s mercy, goodness, and steadfast love for us, there is a way to live that blessing manifests, that is trusting in God and living from God’s strength. This creates an ecosystem conducive to life, full of fertile soil, living water, and flourishing life. “Following Jesus is not easy, it is work and work is hard.”

Pastor Jacob Sheriff details the choices of how to live as a disciple, in relationship to Jesus and in relationship to one another, and the role of the Church in fostering these relationships in this message, “Evidence of Transformation”.

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