Healing 2 – Part 4 of 6 – Paul and Others

There are many ways to receive healing from God and all of them require some measure of faith. Pure Christianity is when God meets us where we are. We don’t have to reach some level of righteousness or goodness to receive His healing. There are many Biblical ways to receive our healing. God works with us individually because we are all at different places in our walk of faith.

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    Dear Duan, since you teach about buffering, I really like to buffer you with lots of blessings, thankfulness and love. I really rejoice in listening to you. You may not believe but I,m living in a country of unbelieve….Italy!!! It is so so so hard. I almost can only with you and AWM share the Good New. Angelo

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    Sept 3, 2018
    Dear Duane, I am approaching my ninetieth decade of life and have missed the privilege of sitting under anointed truth preaching most of it. Not having been raised in a practicing spiritual home environment I lacked early training in how to apply what little truth I received. I praise God He kept pulling me back to Himself as I kept making mistakes and now in my fourth and final life style, I have been led by the Holy Ghost to your ministry as a truly loving family worship center being taught as I wish I had been long ago. But God who is rich in mercy has allowed me a breakthrough for understanding that everything has already been provided for me and age is not a factor. Note Caleb and Moses. I finally realized that I was expecting God to heal me from a performance based faith that God would heal me because I was pleasing Him with my actions. I was “working” to please God so He would keep me in good health until my homegoing. Through yours and Wommack’s teachings I have realized I already have health and healing, so now I throw myself upon my Father’s mercy for His love and compassion to effectually work in me to keep me well till I go home and so I can be an effective witness to the truth of the gospel. Thank you for your continued love in supporting us sheep in the boon docks without gospel truth churches to help and exhort us, especially now that we can see the day approaching. And most of all, thank you for making your teachings free of charge. That is important for elderly people on fixed incomes like myself. Sarahbeth

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