Jonah | Part 2 “The Belly of The Beast” | Austin Hix

There are times in life it feels as though we are swallowed up by a big fish and now caught in “The Belly of The Beast”, unable to see in the darkness, unable to see past the current circumstance, unable to see a way out and thinking that this is the bitter end. If you are not feeling this right now, you know someone who is.

Though you are swallowed up, you are not destroyed. While you walk with God you will certainly encounter suffering in various forms. These are opportunities to take heart and be assured God saw you before, after and through it and He has made a way for you to escape. These experiences produce faith!

Though the circumstance lead to you being hurled into the deep, and violent abyss of a stormy sea, and though it appeared you were eaten by a giant sea monster, God was working on your behalf and sent the sea monster to set you apart from the circumstances, to encompass you in calm, solace and to remember Him and remembering Him is how to escape the circumstance.

When Jonah began to pray, at first lamenting his demise, or giving in to death, and then chose to offer thanksgiving, God opened the way for Jonah’s rescue and redemption, Jonah was hurled into safety!

There is such treasure stored up and released as Pastor Austin Hix illuminates the relevance of these Scriptures to navigate the suffering along your walk.

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