Our Mission of Transformation | Pastor Jacob Sheriff

In this message, Pastor Jacob Sheriff reminds us that Victory Life Church has a mission – “We exist to see people transformed by Jesus”. This is not a mission crafted by man, but written by God in 2 Corinthians 3:18.

Why do we transform

We transform so that God’s character can be uniquely expressed through each of us and so that our lives are well established, and built on a solid foundation. When issues of life arise, and our foundation is firm we are not swept away or brought to great ruin. Issues of life and of the world today are abundant, and many solutions are presented, yet there is only one solution that is based upon a firm foundation, a solid rock, the truth, and that solution is Jesus. “As people live a life transformed by Him, His work in them, works through them, to bring the solution to the needs” and this is why transformation is so important.

How do we transform

We transform, as 2 Corinthians 3:18 says, by beholding the glory of God, observing how remarkable the glory, the magnificence of God is. That God loved us so much that He gave us, His one and only Son, Jesus. Jesus walked here in this life, on this same ground, with the same temptations and issues that we all face, and lived in such a way that every choice He made, including death to save those who were still in sin, was made to bring glory to God.

As we behold the remarkable magnificence of Jesus, one notable achievement after another (from glory to glory), we are being transformed. This implies an ongoing process is happening. This process begins with inspiration to become like Jesus, and revelation of how Jesus was able to become so inspiring. From inspiration and revelation (beholding the glory), the next step is integration, for which we have been given help, the power and presence of the Holy Spirit. As we integrate becoming like Jesus in our lives, through disciplines and actions and careful choices based on the truths in God’s Word, we are walking out discipleship, or being transformed in our behaviors, words and actions.

“Transformation happens in relationship with Jesus”

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