Royal Priests | Part 2 | Jacob Sheriff

Being a Royal Priest is a lot more than dwelling in God’s presence, but it is never less than that. The commission is to go out and be a priest, a place where Heaven and Earth meet. When the waiter gets your order wrong, you are still a priest, not just a customer. When someone is not grateful for a good deed you did for them, you are still their priest, not simply a “good samaritan”. Pastor Jacob is truly passionate about bringing Heaven to the people we interact with inside and outside of the Church. It is often a thankless job, but truly needed even if we don’t immediately see the fruit from it. Our job is to thin the veil between Heaven and Earth, and each time we serve someone, that is a step in the thinning of walls (the veil) they have built up in their hearts. Your service to others may not be immediately appreciated by them, but the goal is a powerful and lasting impact on the hearts in front of us and generations to come.

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