Strongholds of the Holy Spirit | Part 2 | Jacob Sheriff

The word stronghold has a negative air around it, but it doesn’t have to be heard as a negative word all the time. We need to build good strongholds, specifically of the Holy Spirit. We think that if we try harder to do better, but we don’t work on the strongholds in our hearts, it will become striving instead of an action from grace. Prayer is so important in drawing close to Jesus, learning His heart, and dwelling in His presence. In His presence is where we experience victory and build a positive stronghold, a stronghold of the Holy Spirit.

From Pastor Jacob:

Here is a link to various prayer liturgies that I have compiled for my personal use over the past several years.

Link to Prayer Litergies

I have also included the prayer that I wrote for our church to pray when my son Urias was in critical condition in the NICU.These are intended to be a helpful resource to you as you begin to craft your own prayer liturgy. I have been on this journey for many years and these liturgies have gone through many changes. They are not meant to be prescriptive, but rather a concrete example of what something like this looks like so that you can begin the process of learning the language of prayer.

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