The Whole Christian Life | Pastor Lee Armstrong

When baking a cake, if the baker uses half of just one ingredient the cake cannot fully be enjoyed.

As we walk with God if we are missing one ingredient or using only half of what is called for, our Christian life cannot be fully enjoyed.

Pastor Lee reminds us from Acts 2:42-47 that when The New Covenant Church began there were 2 ingredients:

1) Meeting in the Church daily
2) Meeting from house to house

If we are missing one or the other we are missing opportunities to experience the joy of being part of transformational moments in the lives of others. As others transform, grow, and experience your love & discipleship, the entire body of Christ is blessed.

Church is not a building, it is carried in each member of the body and meant to be shared outside of 4 walls, in the marketplaces. When we shine our light in the dark places, the darkness cannot stay.

When we invite people into our homes, we are open to experience an intimacy that leads to deeper fellowship. When we accept an invitation we are open to sharing ourselves and there we find what we did not realize we were missing.

Life Groups can be messy because life is messy. Many hands make light work and in life group you are sure to find helping hands, feet, words, love, and whatever other parts of the body strengthen you. Most of the miracles of Jesus were done in houses and the marketplace, let’s answer Pastor Lee’s call and live out our full and whole Christian life, together.

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