Transforming Communities | Part 3 | Jacob Sheriff

The enemy’s agenda has been to make us think small…survival. An encounter with Jesus and a relationship with Jesus truly leads to transformation. Your life can be transformed. I pray that your sight get elevated into all that God has; God’s Kingdom agenda is bigger than you getting over the next problem.

Part of elevating our perspective is to see God’s Kingdom agenda for all it is which includes the transformation of whole communities–the network of relationships that we all live in. It’s important that we not allow our vision, our mission to get so compressed down by the hardships of life to make us think it’s just about making it to the next day, making it through the next problem. Your life can be bigger than that. We have to see from a larger perspective to see what God’s up to and to be a part of it. This is how the Apostles worked that out…

Live under the rule of Jesus; Jesus is in charge. He is LORD. “Making disciples of nations (communities) includes the church being an alternative community of Jesus’s disciples who live under the rule of His Kingdom.” We live it TOGETHER…as uncomfortable as that might be.

Your job isn’t to save the world. That’s on Jesus. Us obeying Him and following Him is on us. If Jesus is your Lord, then you do what He says…preferable with a good attitude.

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