Transforming Communities | Part 1 | Jacob Sheriff

Those in the crooked generation should look at the community of Christ and say “that’s how people are supposed to live. That’s what it looks like for people to live together in community.” The world’s laws, structures, and systems will not do that. Only the power of the Holy Spirit will do that! Only a group of people completely sold out to Jesus will do that. That’s what it takes to transform a community, a city. Our witness calls others to discipleship to Jesus. This is our main job.

Life Groups are how we learn unity, how we learn to do our commission together. Not everything will be perfect, but we will witness of the power of the Holy Spirit and manifest the character of Christ.

The early church–every member in unity–put their effort into “devoting themselves to the apostles’ teaching and the fellowship, to the breaking of bread and praying” Acts 2:42. This root resulted in awesome fruit of a transformed community (see list of 10 above).

  • Apostles’ teaching–open the Scriptures! even when uncomfortable
  • Fellowship–i.e. Life Groups even if not convenient. Get out of comfort zone.
  • Breaking of bread–covenant relationships
  • Prayer–committed to prayer

Commitment to these four things results in a fruitful, transformed community that is a witness to the crooked generation around it. That transformed community disperses into and affects those spheres of influence for Jesus.

What, really, are you devoted to? Allow the Spirit to help you answer that. We can only say the Church is devoted to Jesus if we are all devoted to Jesus, if we individually are all in.

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