I Started A Life Group

In the most social and least connected culture this world has seen–when it’s much more comfortable to hashtag your beliefs than have the real authentic, messy relationships–I started a life group.  

I hear so often that people get intimidated by big churches (and there is a list of reasons for that) but as social anxiety becomes more and more an issue today, I submit to you that it’s not just typical anxiety of crowds or social situations. I believe being a part of a growing vibrant Life Group is one of the best things we can do for the root of what the issue is for a lot of people: connectedness and intimacy. We have become so comfortable with digital relationships and proxy participation that tangible relationships are beginning to feel less natural, and that doesn’t have to be. What if we took the mission of the first church seriously and set out immediately? What if we, in our different ways, spent time doing life and growing in Christ alongside the believers God placed around us? What would it look like for a modern church to embrace the Acts church life? I know exactly what it would look like. As we grow and become a church more focused on being loving and there for everyone who walks in the door, it looks like family, and it’s looking like us, Victory Life. The best thing is you get to be a part of that. I get to be a part of that! It took a lot of stepping out for me to start my Life Group and I’m so glad I did. The stories I can already tell you, and the lives that have already been changed (especially mine!) amazes me and it’s all because I chose to listen when I heard God say “You got this”. 

I never knew it was in me to lead a team of prayer warriors willing to battle depression head on for a lady so hurt by life that she didn’t have the strength to leave her home We fought depression over Facetime as a team. We fought together and we won together. That’s what community is about, that’s what messy relationships are about. 

When my dad was in a terrible fire last year that tried to take him from us, he already had a community of people around him–around us–that not only came to visit him and lift his spirits, but was like a family. The relationships he’s built through life group brought people around him that not only came to smile and bring him food like a neighbor, but like a close-knit family! These people have become brothers and sisters who step up with good teaching already inside of them and are ready to do battle for his healing. It is literally because of the teaching that we’ve gotten in our life group that my mom was able to speak what the doctor called miraculous healing into his body. He said he would never be able to use his hand to play guitar again. God’s word said no. Effective prayer for the lives around us said no. The community of believers around us said no. My dad completely recovered in beyond record time – and now he won’t stop playing his guitar. No really, he doesn’t ever stop…

I wish I could tell you all the stories about how lives are being changed and the miracles that have happened in my Life Group and in the Life Groups that Victory Life has all over this area. There is always a place for you. Whether you decide to plug into a Life Group or see a need that you can meet in the community there IS a place for you, we as a community need you. 

If you feel that you’re not ready to lead a Life Group, take this opportunity and jump in, I promise you’ll find a warm community looking for an opportunity to serve and pray with you. If you’re like me, though, and feel the call to be a leader and just need to step out, now is the time. 


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    Lisa Rockhill

    I’m not sure if what I want to do and what Ibelieve is my gift would be considered as a life group. I believe my starting this would benefit most everyone.

    What is it ? Glad you ask…. (haha… I think I’ve heard that somewhere before.)

    The name: Rustic Elegance
    The purpose: Helping others feel good about where they camp. I say camp because we are on a journey. We all have a destination and know this world is not our home.

    My gift… organizing, decorating and creating appealing decor from things you already have in your home. So why not do what I do best for others. I (we should others want to join) would come into your home, business, garage, storage unit etc., and do what needs to be done. Organize, decorate especially for the holidays.

    Currently I am jobless. I thought about starting my own business of doing the above but I haven’t a clue as to how to get started. I’ve got the name and a tax id#. Thats it.

    So until I figure out my next step of starting a business is there a need for my services in the homes of my spiritual brothers and sisters.? Please advise.


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