The Process

A couple of years ago, I led a theatre life group. It wasn’t “officially” on paper a life group, but Pastor Lee insisted that it was a life group, and I will never argue with that man. We had to take a step back on the theatre life group for multiple reasons, but that was my first experience in leading a life group. Leading the group wasn’t easy, but I did enjoy it and definitely wanted to try it again.

When the church started pushing for people to lead life groups this year, I got that little nudge from the Holy Spirit. It was like He was sitting next to me, giving me a little elbow, and saying, “So, you gonna do it?” Of course, I gave Him the elbow right back and said, “I see what You’re saying, but I gotta be selfish with my nights. Remember this summer when I wasn’t home at all?” But even when I would say that, the desire didn’t go away. I mean, God got me a musical theatre degree, I’m gonna use it for His glory, by golly! I will probably lead a theatre life group soon, just not quite yet.

A couple of days ago, I was sitting in line waiting to pick up my son from school, and He said, “How about a play date life group? You can do it in the mornings, and you don’t have to give up any more evenings with your family.”

Well, Father, look at You being all awesome with the ideas and stuff!
Leading a life group, even though we’ve only met twice so far, has had a great impact on me. It wasn’t just when we met; it was the process in which God brought me to lead a group. My husband and I are also a part of a life group, and we have already experienced God’s powerful love through the vessels that stepped up to lead this group.

Leading anything is never an overnight thing. God prepares you, whether you realize it at the time or not. He doesn’t prepare you by improving your public speaking skills; He prepares you with love. The more of God’s love you know, the more you can show.

I guess what I’m trying to say is don’t ignore the process. Being theatre people, all we talk about is the process, and we embrace the process, especially when we are teaching. Because when we embrace the process, that is where discovery happens. God is bringing you through a process whether or not you even realize it. Embrace it. Because through that process, His love will be uniquely revealed to you and you will know His love at a much deeper level. And by knowing His love that deep, you can show His love that deep.

PS: Life Groups…. they are amazing.

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    Gene Tress

    My wife “Jacqui” and I were wed in Victory Life Church. I was reared in a southern baptist church, saved and baptized there. I never came close to coming to terms with Gods Love and Purpose until I came to Victory Life. All I want from life now is to draw nearer to His Love and Purpose and to some how bear fruit. There is nothing as urgent in my life as this.

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