What Are You Expecting From Jubilee?

We asked some people what they are expecting from Jubilee 2016.

I believe that new pieces to the puzzle will be given, giving people an even clearer picture of their gifts and calling. New spiritual weapons will be provided. I believe there will be a release of freedom in boldness that leads to a lifestyle of confidence. Where the Spirit of the Lord is there is freedom, young and old will be walking out with this Spirit and creating atmospheres of freedom! People will be leaving with purpose and vision. Those who come hungry will leave full.

The Lord is telling me to rest easy because this year is my year to experience God like never before. He has many plans for me, and they will be revealed when I seek HIM. I am excited to see what He has planned for me. For I am seeking our Father more than ever right now in my life!!

I’m so excited to join my brothers and sisters in praise, worship and adoration of our Father as one of His many children that desire to worship Him. Can you even begin to imagine that?!!!  I want to see Him receive our love for HIM as we lay aside anything that does not walk in His Spirit.  WOW!  What a sight for these eyes to behold. The Lord has given me scriptures to follow, scriptures that will lead and guide me.  Hallelujah!!

As Jubilee approaches, I can hardly contain my excitement. It is definitely something I look forward to each year. Everything about this event is exciting, the amazing worship, the speakers who come from all over, the powerful ministry time, and fellowship. I must say though the best part about it all is what the Father does in each of these things. There is something very powerful about a large group of people coming together for the sole purpose of celebrating what the Lord has done and what he is going to do. I’ve been preparing my heart and praying, and I truly believe the Lord is launching us into a season of newness. Come expecting to be renewed and restored. It’s through our willingness and thanksgiving that these things can manifest in our lives.

What awesome things are you expecting from Jubilee this year?
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    Dwayne Hutchinson

    We believe in healing and receiving this year at Jubilee for healing to our backs, neuropathy, organs healed and grow back to have children, and overcome diabetes that the devil is trying to destroy our health. Dwayne will know his gifts. Linda believed and received her healing hands and the annointing on her is amazing. She is very special. In 2013, she proficied as well that the best was yet to come from the North, South, East and West. She prayed for the parking lots to be so full that the parking lot will have to be expanded. My ex wife died of cancer over a year ago. I made it through a stroke and God put Linda and I together. We need a life group to join. God bless always…. Dwayne and Linda

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    Charlotte Stephens

    I am believing for our finaces to be straightened out. When my husband Eddie had to stop working because of seizures in May, we lost his income of about $2000. Now we only have my disability of $775 and our sons SSI of $712. He has been a blessing and has offered to pay the house payment. But in the meantime the bills keep coming. I have turned off everything I can. Our son pays the internet bill and we have Netfilx for $7.99 instead of Cable or satelitte. I have applied for Foodstamps and our son Has food stamps so he helps. My husbands car is going back to the dealship so that is $400 dollars less but God is going to have to show me what else I need to do. I believe he will. I am hoping it will be during Jubilee. We can not afford the gas to go every night but I am hoping it will be recorded live this year so we can watch it live on the nights we cannot go. We have chosen 2 nights to go.

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