Wild Onions

I come to work early in the mornings so I can walk in our office’s back parking lot. (How else is a mom of two young boys supposed to get her exercise?) This morning, as I stepped out of the back door into the morning sunshine, the smell of onions, hit me. Onions? I thought “where is this coming from?” Then I noticed the tractor in the field behind the parking lot, mowing the grass that had grown tall enough to warrant a nice haircut. I realized what I must be smelling was wild onions that had grown up with the grass and weeds in the field. I smiled to myself as I imagined those tiny onion sprouts, hidden away and growing without even an inkling of their existence.
That’s when the Spirit spoke to me. At times we wonder if God is actually doing anything in us. Is there really something going on? But we all have spiritual onion sprouts in our lives, growing unseen yet strong in hearts tuned into God’s Spirit. Maybe we feel like we’ve thrown seed to the wind just to have it all carried off, never to be seen again. But those seeds are taking root. They are growing! Maybe we don’t see anything other than a pile of weeds. But God’s word is good seed and hearts stayed on Him are good ground. Don’t doubt that things are happening.
And just like today, that day will come when we’re doing something as mundane as mowing, and then we will discover the secret that faith knew all along: God, the great gardener, is at work in our lives. And that thing He has grown, that fruit that has come out of our relationship with him, is now released to do the work it was made for: to bless us and to bless others! And there will be no more hiding it or denying it or doubting its existence. It will be there, spreading its aroma as far as the wind will take it.
In this time of waiting, as you look out over the grassy field, remember the truth that you serve a big God who is bound to His word to do as He’s promised. And remind yourself that you, His precious child, have a heart that is good ground, ready to grow those things He has planted there. You don’t have to wait for physical evidence to know that the fruit is there. Faith and Hope tell you it’s true. Push further into Him, and continue to walk faithfully even in the most simple of tasks, knowing that He who began a good work in you, will carry it on to completion.

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