Men of Valor

What is
Men of Valor?

The heart of this event is to empower the next generation of men to boldly live out their identity in Christ while cultivating brotherhood.

Men of Valor 2021 is a weekend retreat for young men ages 12 through 18. It is hosted at Camp Victory in Cartwright, OK and will be packed with great speakers, team activities and building new relationships.

If you would like to volunteer for Men of Valor 2021, click on the registration link to get your free volunteer ticket!

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Cost: $75
Deadline: Oct 22nd


What should I pack?
  • Bible
  • Notebook & pen
  • Bedding for a twin size bed
  • Pillow
  • Towels
  • Clothes for outdoor fun and indoor sessions
  • All necessary toiletries including hair care, deodorant, etc.
  • At least 1 pair of closed-toe shoes
  • Money for concessions and MoV merchandise
Will I, or my child, need money during the event?
While bringing money is not required, we will have an awesome selection of snacks and merchandise in our MOV store! We accept cash and card payments!
How are cabins assigned?
Men of Valor assigns cabins based off students’ age and grade level. We use this as criteria for two major reasons.

  1. Students of the same age tend to have similar maturity levels and face problems specific to that age.
  2. Building new relationships with students of a similar age, outside of local youth groups, is a major focus of the event.
How many people are in a cabin?
Three counselors and ten to fifteen students!
Can I still attend if I have other commitments during that weekend?
Of course! After you register, please email mov@vl.church and let us know if you need to arrive later, leave early, or if you need to leave for the afternoon.
Can a student drive and check in themselves?
Yes. For safety reasons, keys will be taken at check in and given back at check out.
Can I, or my son, keep our phones during the event?
If you are serving as a counselor, yes you will be able to keep your phone!

If you are a student attending the event, you will be asked to leave your phone with your parent/guardian OR we will take it upon check-in and give it back at check-out!

Parents/Guardians can contact their children by calling the camp phone at: 580-634-9210

Can I keep my medication with me at the event?
No. For the safety of all attendees, you will need to leave your medication with our certified nurse, who will be on site to tend to any emergencies and dispense medication as needed!
Can my student be sent home?
We always hope everyone at our events has an enjoyable time and behaves within reason, but we do have certain rules which when violated will require the student to be picked up or leave early.

  • Illegal Acts: Assault, Possession of a Firearm, Arson, Etc.
  • Abuse: Physical, Verbal, Emotional or Sexual
  • Sexual Acts
  • Vulgarity
  • Excessive Complaining: To the point of negatively affecting other students
  • Non-Compliance: Outright refusal to follow rules or reasonable requests

We have zero tolerance for Illegal Acts, Abuse and Sexual Acts and will notify authorities (if proper) and parents immediately. Typically, one warning for vulgar behavior or language is given before sending a student home. For Excessive Complaining and Non-Compliance, we will warn the student first and try to work with them to remedy the situation. If they continue the behavior and it is negatively affecting other students, we will send them home.

We will call whoever is listed as the contact on registration and arrange timely pick up or inform you that your student is leaving early if they are self-checkout. If we are considering sending a student home, we will try give a courtesy call and attempt to remedy the situation.

What safety measures are in place?
Student Safety is our top priority and because of that Men of Valor has put in the below safety measures to avoid bad actors and resolve issues.

  • All volunteers must go through our screening process
  • All volunteers must pass a background check
  • Be interviewed by the MOV Lead Team
  • Counselors must also have their pastors listed for reference so we can determine if they are a good spiritual fit for our young men
  • Volunteers are never left alone with students
  • Any time a student is present at least two other people are with them
  • Volunteers are trained on how to maintain student safety and effective communication lines are in place for any issues to be resolved quickly
Are refunds available?
Full refunds are available for cancellation requests made before 11:59 pm Oct. 22nd. After this date, our final costs for food and supplies for each student are realized and registration is closed.

Even if we cannot offer a refund, we can always transfer a spot to another student before the start of the event.

What if my student has a special diet?
In keeping the price of the event as low as possible, we unfortunately can’t cater to specific diets. We also cannot guarantee that our kitchen is free of specific foods for allergy purposes.

If a student requires a special diet, we can store, and refrigerate if needed, pre-made meals labeled and packaged in plastic or glass containers. A microwave is available for student use at mealtimes in the Lodge. Students are always allowed to pack snacks or even whole meals if they’d like, but there are not any appliances to refrigerate or cook in the cabins.