Victory Life Missions

What is the Victory Life Mission Program?

Our desire is to provide each member of Victory Life Church the ability to engage first hand in the work of the Great Commission.

We do this by:

  • Hosting multiple mission trips each year (foreign and domestic)
  • Preparing missionaries with in depth teaching and training
  • Empowering missionaries to be led by the Spirit and to lead others
  • Planting outreaches in our communities
  • Thriving on the relationships made with God and each other as we serve together



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2018 Mission Trips

NYC Dream Center

Missionaries will be serving with the Dream Center stationed in New York City. Service projects will range from community housing outreach, street ministry, clothing bank ministry, and local park ministry.

Cost: $1,200
Date of Trip 5/19/2018 – 5/27/2018
Registration deadline: 03/19/2018
Physical Rating: 7 out 10 (public transportation, communal living, and minimal downtime)
Ministry Rating: 5 out of 10 (non-structured street evangelism, prayer walks, and outreach in inner-city neighborhoods.)

Los Angeles Dream Center

Missionaries will be serving with the Dream Center stationed in Los Angeles. Service projects will range from community housing projects, street ministry, clothing bank ministry, to local park ministry. Missionaries will have the opportunity to minister to main areas the homeless community.

Cost: $1,200
Date of Trip 7/22/2018 – 7/29/2018
Registration deadline: 04/01/2018
Physical Rating: 2 out of 10 (minimal walking, light lifting, and communal living)
Ministry Rating: 5 out of 10 (non-structured street evangelism, prayer walks, and outreach in inner-city areas.)

New Mexico (Family Trip)

Missionaries will get the opportunity to work with Love On The Move ministries as they put on VBS programs, community outreaches, and various service projects on a Navajo reservation. Children must be at least 10 years old to attend and must travel with their parent or legal guardian.

Date of Trip 6/16/2018 – 6/23/2018
Registration deadline: 04/01/2018


Missionaries will be serving with LIVE BEYOND Ministries assisting them with their nutrition, education, and discipleship programs.

Cost: $2,350
Date of Trip 10/6/2018 – 10/12/2018
Registration deadline: 06/01/2018
Physical Rating: 6 (walking over rough terrain, riding in the back of trucks, hot temperatures)
Ministry Rating: 7 (spiritual opposition (voodoo), seeing families in extreme poverty, prayer walks, evangelism)


Missionaries will be partnering with a local pastor in Kathmandu to take part in various ministry projects that include: Village evangelism, healing crusades, and various outreaches.

Cost: $2,600
Date of Trip 8/3/2018 – 8/13/2018
Registration deadline: 03/1/2018
Physical Rating: 9 out 10 (bucket showers, communal living, and minimal downtime)
Ministry Rating: 8 out of 10 (non-structured street evangelism, prayer walks, gospel crusades.)

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For More information, check out our Missions FAQ. or email us HERE

“As we were headed to the OKC Dream Center I wasn’t sure what to expect. I didn’t know how we would be affected or how we would affect others, but I knew that no matter how many people we come across that we would be able to show God’s loving kindness. Sure enough that’s just what we did. Each day we were doing a lot of kids ministry, we came across lots of children that you can see that they haven’t received much love. Just playing with the kids letting them know that they are doing a good job made them feel just enough love to make them smile. Who knew that just seeing a little boy smile could make you rethink how you feel about life. One morning I began playing with a boy, he told me his stories and I told him mine. We were playing with some rocks and he picked up some of his favorites and looked in my eyes and said, “ I will keep these rocks forever, so I always remember you.” This made me want to almost cry. Sometimes our mission is just to listen. Most of these kids just needed to talk to someone. They just needed to know someone cared. When they see that we care they can see that Jesus cares. Missions is about love, not yelling about Jesus in someone's face. God is love, and when they see the love we have they are gonna want more of it, and then we can help them get it. So when I look back at the OKC mission trip it will be a reminder to love.”
“While in Siquirres, we had the privilege of meeting a couple that had been living together for some time. As we talked to them, we realized they loved each other very much but one thing kept her from accepting his marriage proposal three times, and that was, that he would not accept Christ as his Lord and Savior. He had this idea that he had to "get right" on his own before he was able to be saved. He went on to say that it was a decision that could not be made lightly and he just wasn't ready for that kind of commitment. We shared with him about Christ and spoke words of encouragement over them and invited them to service that evening, and he agreed to come. Amazingly enough, he was there that night and accepted Christ into his heart. Furthermore, he wanted to let us know that he asked his girlfriend to marry him and she finally said yes. Plant the seed; sometimes, that’s all we do.”
“After a long day of ministry, I made a remark to our Dream Center leader that I heard that the L train was the nicest subway train, so he asked if we wanted to add it to our route. 5 minutes later we are on the L train, and we are talking about worship at our church. The guy sitting on the bench in front of our group says, "I don't mean to be rude, but I was a worship leader in North Carolina, and we did the same thing with worship services." This sparked our conversation. Essentially, the guy heard God say, "get up and go." So, he left with $37 and had been living in NYC for 40 days. He had been praying for encouragement and a church to get connected to. So naturally we talked with him about the Dream Center's church and encouraged him, prayed over him, and then him us. God used us in our work, in our travel, and in our eating, and often we were surprised by the details he'd planned.”
"I have been on many mission trips, but I have never experienced the presence of the Lord as much as I did on my trip to the L.A. Dream Center. I had the opportunity not only to serve with my church family as we ministered to people of all walks of life. From the Dream Center campus, to the streets of Skid Row the Lord used our team to bring healing and prophetic words to his children. This mission trip stretched me out of my comfort zone and the spiritual growth I experienced is something EVERY Christian should encounter. I can honestly say this trip was the most impactful trip I have ever been on."