Why is it so important to not be afraid? Why is heaven so emphatic to communicate the message that we don’t have to be afraid? In our world of chaos and brokenness and fear, it is the followers of Jesus who has a chance to show a fearful world that there is another way of living and being in this world, a life not controlled by fear.

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Our Hope for You

Our sincere hope for you is that you come to Know God, Experience Victory, Discover Purpose, and Make a Difference. At Victory Life Church, this drives everything we do.

Pastor Duane Sheriff

Pastor Duane is the Senior Pastor of Victory Life Church. His heart’s desire is to share the truth in love and to help others discover who they are in Christ.

What's Happening

There’s always a lot going on at Victory Life Church and in our community. Keep up-to-date with our Events Calendar and Blog.

Love Holds Strong Album Art

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